New Free Mobile Legends Redemption Code (COMPLETE)

Mobile Legend is a MOBA game that has not a few users from many parts of the world belonging to Indonesia who plays this game. With quite a lot of users, Moonton often holds not a few unique events to increase user interest. Not only events in the form of competitions, but also additional bonus items that can be obtained by users.

Redeem Code Mobile Legend Gratis Terbaru

Besides the user can get items by doing a number of things, such as playing a number of games in Mobile Legend or inviting other users home, sometimes Moonton also provides a code that can be exchanged with a number of in-game items.

As in the MSC competition, which gathers not a few professional teams to compete in the Mobile Legend game, Moonton tells unique codes past the Page Fans Facebook page. The codes can be exchanged for emblems, double BP cards, fragments, multiple EXP cards, heroes, and skin heroes. However, contrary to a number of other MOBA or online games, users cannot remedy the gift code via the Mobile Legend game software. You can exchange it through the Mobile Legend webpage.

Easy enough, but the user must go back and forth from the game to the browser, except using two different equipment.

Terms and Conditions

To modify the gift code through Web Mobile Legend, you need to prepare a number of things to succeed. You need to prepare a number of things, including the following:
  • Gift code from Moonton
  • Mobile Legend Game ID Number
  • Verification Code from Moonton
  • And what is very mandatory is an internet connection

If you have prepared all the things needed, you need to ignore that the number above applies with a time limit. Like the Verification code that only applies to 30 minutes since it was received because it is better if it is directly used.

Of course, for those of you who don't have the maximum BP or Battle Point to buy a Hero, you can try the technique below to get a trial skin hero. So there is no need to wait or play first. He said it was redeeming this code. You can get the Legend skin, but this seems to be just an assumption and if you get a Legend skin you need to be proud to use the event's skin.

Latest Free Legend Mobile Redeem Code (COMPLETE)

1. 4hs88ps95scr222ef
 2. cdkgngkefvrm222dy
 3. m3yx7xwh6egr222e4
 4. cyj2r8r9bvzt222ee
 5. 3sfs5u9gwaxe222dx
 6. tnne6yenzmdt222dw
 7. 9532f5pq6ra5222e8
 8. syc2rchw7v3a222eb
 9. pywkd4p4e8sm222e7
 10. b9kr88wyw8gt222e3
 11. 8w878tphqfng222e9
 12. tnne6yenzmdt222dw
 13. 57v34wquw6v7222eg
 14. kjywcpwdgey8222ec
 15. 4rzfs6jvk63q222dz
 16. ryxwg4xh3etc222ed
 17. 8nxf7ms2faae222e2
 18. mjg5d4xjg762222eh
 19. cc2bfh6nzrga222e6
 20. 8d92bfkmpmmk222e5
 21. 57v34wquw6v7222eg(Skin Trial)
 22. syc2rchw7v3a222eb(Hero Trial)
 23. g532fpq6ra5222e8
 24. cyj2r8r9bvzt222ee(Skin Trial)
 25. kjywcpwdgey8222ec(Skin Trial)
 26. 8w878tphqfng222e9(Hero Trial)
 27. ryxwg4xh3etc222ed(Skin Trial)
 28. mjg5d4xjg762222eh(Double XP)
 29. b9kr88wyw8gt222e3(Magic Dust)
 30. m3yx7xwh6egr222e4(Magic Dust)
 31. 4hs88ps95scr222ef(Skin Trial)
 32. 57v34wquw6v7222eg
 33. pywkd4p4e8sm222e7
 34. cc2bfh6nzrga222e6
 35. tnne6yenzmdt222dw 

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