New Mobile Legends Skin That Will Be Released in 2019, There is Valentine Skin

Entering 2019, Moonton also presents various new Mobile Legends skins to enhance the look of your heroes with even cooler effects. This time, there is already a leak about the latest skins that will be released in 2019. What are you curious about? Check out more below.


Lion Dance - Lolita. Most likely for Chinese New Year;
Mecha Dragon - Claude;
Bio Frontier - Kimmy;
Imprisoner - Vexana;
Dangerous Laison - Gusion. Skin Valentine;
Dangerous Love - Lesley. Skin Valentine;
Epic Skin (No name yet) - Karrie (Still waiting for further confirmation);
Lancelot Sacred Statue;
V.I.P.E.R Vespid - Angela;
Zodiac Skin Gemini - Selena (Still waiting for further confirmation);
Zodiac Skin Taurus - Minotaur (Still waiting for further confirmation);
Liquid Fire Thamuz.