NPC Quest: Chowee Location in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love and Its Prizes

Again and again around the NPC Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love quest that makes the players dizzy. After completing several quests in Payon City, there will be a quest that requires you to find NPC Chowee Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Chowee Ragnarok M: Eternal Love? What is that?

Don't need to be confused! Chowee in this game is an NPC in the form of a little girl with gray hair and uses a golden brown costume. Actually, this quest is a series of quests from Regener Jones in the City of Payon. After a series of quests from the NPC, at a certain point, you will be asked to complete Naughty Chowee. This is the time for you to look for this very mysterious little girl NPC.

Chowee Location in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Lokasi Chowee Ragnarok Eternal Love di Kota Payon
But the problem is that the NPC is hiding in one of the huts in Payon city. This makes it difficult for many players to find this NPC, then where is it located?

How to find this NPC

Have you seen Chowee's location but still can't find it? Do not panic! You just click or tap around the hut in the previous image.

Chowee Ragnarok Prize M: Eternal Love

Rewards Quest Chowee Ragnarok Eternal Love di Kota Payon

After you find this NPC, you will be asked to kill 10 Horong monsters in the Payon Forest area. After killing the monster, report it to the next NPC according to the instructions in the game. When completing this series of quests, you will be rewarded with around 30,000 base EXPs and around 17,000 EXP jobs. It looks a little, but the most important thing is you can open another series of quests in Payon City.