Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Basic Guide for Beginners

Ragnarok is an MMORPG game that is fairly Retro and until now the number of players who played games in the 1990s was very good both on the Private Server and on the original server. RO abbreviation for Ragnarok is a game called Gravity originating from Korea and is very popular on the continent of South East Asia without exception in Indonesia. Indonesia itself is one of the countries with the largest number of Ragnarok Online players with LYTO as the company that brought this RO game to Indonesia.

Now, Gravity is back to making the latest Ragnarok Online buzz specifically for Smartphones with the name Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. This Ragnarok M Eternal Love was released for Smartphones with Android OS and iOS on 31 October 2018 and since the game was released hundreds of thousands of people from the SEA region immediately enthusiastically downloaded and played this game.

Early Guide to Playing Ragnarok M Eternal Love


After you have finished downloading this game, you can choose several available jobs, namely:

  • Acolyte
  • Guide Acolyte / Priest
  • High Priest Guide
  • Mage
  • Swordsman
  • Thief
  • Merchant
  • Archer
  • Archer / Hunter Guide

But this option actually only shows you the initial jobs available. Later when you have reached the level and will change you can choose one of the 6 jobs.

Each character will have an Optimal Stamina of 300 minutes which will be reset every day at 5:00 a.m. This stamina will only be used when you fight the enemy. If you defeat your enemy in 5 seconds, then 5 seconds will decrease from the 300 minutes of Stamina you have.

What will happen when your Stamina is more than 300? When you use stamina more than 300 Green Zones, the Exp and drop items you will get from monsters will decrease and it will enter the Yellow Zone. After the yellow zone is the Red Zone which makes EXP and Drop items drop dramatically.


You can add Stamina by listening to songs under the prontera with a maximum of 60 minutes of added stamina.

The amount of stamina added is in accordance with the number of minutes in the song being played. The songs that are played are not free, you can buy CDs for 10,000 Z for one-time use. You can sit casually waiting for other players to play the song if you don't want to come out Z one bit.

Novice to Job One

The game starts from you as a Novice and is strongly recommended that you immediately work on all Quests. The quest is divided into 3, namely:

  • ! Red is the Main Quest
  • ! Green is a Side Quest
  • ! Blue is the Quest Daily

At level 1 when you do all the quests in the initial map, you will enter your first city Prontera with a fairly high level of around 10-12. This level is far more enough to change jobs according to your interests and desires.

Each job will give you a quest to change that is quite different from one another. But the quest is quite easy for you to complete.

One Job to Job 2


On the first day, you can reach a level of approximately 37. By spending your stamina when you change jobs on WormTail located in North Prontera (Prontera -> above -> top). Keep in mind that farming will produce far more with more party numbers with a maximum of 5 people in 1 party.

Farming in the WormTail until your stamina is red or yellow then do the red and green quests available in the city and in the next map. Don't forget to take an Assistant at level 20 in Prontera castle who will give you various items by completing the daily from the Assistant quest.


After the quest is complete and you are stuck or stuck then you work on the Daily Quest in each city. Some of these are:
  • Monster Resistance (2x)
  • Monster Board (10x)
  • Rift Party (5x)
  • Training Ground (1x)

Entering the second day, when you are at Level 37-40 you can spend your stamina on Goblin Forest by killing all goblins with a 5-person party. Then continue Quest and Daily

At level 44/45 you will have a level 40 job and you can change to Job 2 according to your choice. Congratulations on the second day you can become job 2.

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Tips and Tricks


The first tip, Playing Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love on a Smartphone will greatly consume the battery of your HP, so it's good if you play directly from your PC using Bluestack or NOX. This will make you play more comfortably and don't have to worry about your Smartphone being hot and damaged. Especially when you are spending stamina for farming.

The second tip, when you enter Prontera, you can immediately take the Pre Regis prize from the NPC Event located in the Lower Prontera close to the Gatcha machine.

The third tip, don't buy weapons! Every 10 levels you can open a Growth Pack that will give you weapons to use up to level 30.

The fourth tip, don't be afraid to experiment skills, because you will get an item to reset your skill tree with items that you can get from lvl 40 Growth Pack.

The fifth tip, if you can always party with other players in your area whether you are working on Quest, Daily or Side quests to make it easier for you.

The sixth tip, join the guild as soon as possible to be able to get contributions by donating or doing a dojo with your guild members. Contributions can be used to upgrade your character further.

The seventh tip, for those who are looking for a position where, is the rock sword or the Golden Sword in South Prontera? Well if you see the prontera south map, you can see that there is a separate part on the top of the sword there.

The eighth tip, Take the Cook Quest so you can cook food as soon as possible. Food can be given to the pet to increase the Intimacy very quickly without the hassle.

Ninth tip, are you having trouble working on a high-level RIFT? Eits ... don't worry here we will tell you how to Skip Rifting. Click Adventure Meatballs -> Click Use -> select the rift item you want to work on. Done! When you open the rift later you will have the option to finish it instantly.

The tenth tip, when you have got a camera photo of all the monsters you meet, especially the Boss and also the Mini Boss and important places that will appear as photo quests to get Adventure EXP.

Now here is the noobstation initial guide for the Ragnarok M Eternal Love smartphone game. Hopefully, this guide can help you players who just want to play.