The Meaning of Meta, AFK, Carry, Buff, Nerf, Revamp, Feeder in Mobile Legends

The MOBA game on smartphones is currently exciting, all people can play it. New players who are not familiar with the MOBA genre game keep coming, of course when the gameplay runs teammates will issue unfamiliar words that we haven't heard. Because of that, you have to know so that the game goes smoothly without miss communication.

Istilah dan Arti Yang Ada Pada Game MOBA Mobile Legends


AFK (Away From Keyboard): Being away from the keyboard or not in front of the Computer / Smartphone screen, with intentional or accidental purpose.
AI (Artificial Intelligence): If the game is usually known as BOT (Robot) / "Computer". For example Humans vs. BOT.
Assist: Participate / Help against enemies, then you will get an Assist score
AoE (Area of Effect): Skill that has a certain area.


Bottom Lane (Bot): Bottom line, in the MOBA Mobile game there are three upper, mid and bottom lines.
Buff: After killing monsters, you will get additional status/effects temporarily (have time).
Build: A collection of gear items, which are useful for status and what effects each hero will have.
Bush / Brush: Grass that is on the map, can be used to hide.


Creep: Small monsters, usually always running on each lane.
Carry: Heroes / Players who have large damage, and can have an influence on the team.
CD (Cooldown): Time needed by skill
CDR (Cooldown Reduction): Reduction of time (CD) in skill
Crab / CrabTreasure: [Monster Mobile Legends], Monsters in botom lane and top lane, if you fight it will get gold.
Crit / Critical: Status that can add additional damage, usually available on gear items.


Debuff: Gives a negative effect on the enemy, on the other hand, if you receive it has a bad effect.
DPS (Damage per second): Total damage generated every second.


Early Game: The start of the match, when the level is still small and the gear items are not perfect.


Farm: The process of killing monsters in jungle, so you can get Gold and Level faster.
Fighter: A type of hero who has good defense and fairly high damage.
Feed / Feeder: A term that is often obtained when a player dies continuously. This is very detrimental to the team because it gives additional Gold and EXP to the enemy.


Gank: Position where you fight enemies in groups with teammates.
Gear: Another term for items and equipment, each equipment has status and effects.
GG / GGWP (Good Game, Well Played): Refers to very good matches and a positive attitude, usually these words are released when the match is over.


Harras: Gives damage to enemies, usually must be used for remote type heroes.
Heal: Gives Health (HP) to the hero
Mobile: Durability on the hero, if HP touches the number 0 the hero will lose his life.


Imbalance: Unbalanced.


Jungle: A forest on a map, usually a place for monsters.
Jungling: Activities wandering through the forest, which aim to find monsters, to get gold and levels. Or used to hide.


KDA (Kill / Death / Assist Ratio): Is the ratio between Kill, Death and Assist
Kill: The number of enemies that have been defeated
KS (Kill Steal): An attempt to help defeat an enemy, or can be used in another sense to steal a kill


Late Game: Approaching the end of the match, when Level is stuck and the gear is already perfect.
Lane: Path
Lord: One of the jungle monsters, if he succeeds in defeating the Lord, he will help destroy the enemy tower.


MID (Middle Lane): Middle lane.
Mage: Hero who has magic type skill. Usually, this type of mage has large damage but has a small HP and Defense.
Magic Attack: A type of magic power attack.
Magic Resistance: Defense from magic type attacks.
Magic Penetration: Penetrates the opponent's magic resistance
Meta: The state and balance of the hero that is in the game, or in another sense the trend of how to play followed by patch updates.
Marksman: Type of hero that has high damage, and can be as dps
Minion: The little monster that runs on each lane, helps destroy the tower.
MVP (Most Valuable Player): Players that influence the match, according to calculations.


Nerf: Decrease Status / Effect / Skil / CD Skill / Ability to the hero, For example, who was the hero "Imbalance" then on the balance, later the hero will be balanced. Usually, this term if there is a patch update.
Noob / Newbie: Mention for beginner players, usually used for mocking.


OP (Oper Powered): Hero who is too strong.
Open War: This term is used to get ready to start fighting against the enemy.


Physical Attack: A type of physical damage attack
Physical Penetration: Penetrates the defense of Physic Deff, for example damaging the armor of a tank.
Poke: Repay the damage to the enemy, so that the HP is reduced little by little.

Push: An attempt to encourage movement in the lane, aims to destroy the tower.


Roam / Roaming: Moving lane, helping team members who are troubled, for example, your task in the upper lane position then lane mid trouble, you have to move to help him.
Revamp: If nerf aims to reduce skill/effect/ stat and so on, Revamp is an update on skills/effects/ stat, to be better.
Role: The role of the hero, for example (Support, Mage, Marksman, Tank)
Reaper: It is a Monster (Red Buff) that is in the lower lane, a monster similar to a Skull


Solo: Alone on a particular lane.
Support: Role or hero type that helps team members.
Spell: A certain ability that has an effect.
Vamp Spell: Gives additional cellphones when attacking enemies or minions using Skill
Stun: The effect where the target does nothing.
Spinner: Is a Jungle Monster (Blue Buff) that is in the upper lane, a spider monster.


Top Lane: Upper Line
Tank: A type of hero who has strong HP and defense.
Tier: Division in rank, or your rank position is.
Turtle: One of the jungle monsters, if you manage to defeat Turtle will get Gold and Exp for all team members.
Turret: The goal to win a match is to destroy the turret. A turret is an object which has an attack if we approach it, therefore Minions must enter a circle on the turret, so that the attack does not hit the Hero.


Ulti (Ultimate): Mainstay Skill, each hero must have a Mainstay skill.