Tips to Change Jobs in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Ragnarok Online is one of the best MMORPG games that touch the hearts of many players. A dozen years have passed but still, RO has become a difficult choice to abandon. This time Gravity with X.D Global managed to bring Ragnarok Online into a smartphone by carrying the name Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. The choice of jobs offered can be said to be almost the same as the PC version. So how do you change the job in this game?

Terms to Change Job from Novice

Cara Ganti Job Karakter di Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

If you have previously played the Chinese version of Ragnarok Mobile, maybe you will have no trouble with changing character jobs. But if you just start playing on the English version for the Southeast Asian region, maybe you will find difficulties and this is frustrating.

At the beginning of the game, you will become a novice. After reaching level 10, then you can change the job.

  • Choice of Job One Available at Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love
  • Swordsman - Excellence: Close range, reliable in a physical attack, high attack, and defense.
  • Acolyte - Excellence: Long distance, having magic skills, support, can do healing (recover HP max).
  • Thief - Excellence: Close distance, flee (avoidance ability) high, fast.
  • Merchants - Excellence: Big attacks, can buy items cheaply and sell at high prices.
  • Archer - Excellence: Long distance, very long attack distance, characters with the highest DPS on job one.
  • Magician / Mage - Excellence: Magic attacks that are large enough and capable of launching area attacks

How to Change Job at Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

The main requirement to change job one from a novice is that the character must reach level 10 by leveling first. Leveling on Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love when you become a novice is very easy, you only need to auto-attack monsters around. Have you reached level 10?

Here's how to change jobs on Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love:

1. Visit Poya NPC (Eden Team Coach)

After reaching level 10 the change quest job will be activated automatically. Please go to the Novice Starting Point at the portal under the city of Prontera. Then find and click Poya NPC (Eden Team Coach).

If you have never completed a quest from this NPC before, then there will be 2 choices:
  1. First click "Register"
  2. Then click "Go to Prontera"
  3. After that, you will be asked to visit NPC Sagna in the city of Prontera.

Please follow the directions in the map. This guide will help you find the location of the next quest.

2. Visit NPC Sagna

After you enter Prontera, please walk towards the center (a little down) of the city. There you will find an NPC named Sagna. In this step there are no special activities, you just need to talk to Sagna.

3. Visit the Nasha NPC (Midgard Geographic Agent)

After talking to the NPC Sagna, next you have to talk to the NPC named Nasha. This NPC is located to the right of NPC Sagna. Click Nasha NPC and don't forget to select "I’ll get one" to get the camera.

4. Take Photos Around the Fountain in the Middle of Prontera

After that, go to the fountain and take photos in this area. Point to the point of view so that the camera symbol in the center is green. To take a picture, you only need to press the 'shutter' button on the bottom right.

Photos in this area are pretty good, you can make a wallpaper or just a collection. You can change the position of the character by clicking and dragging the position of the character to get the 'selfie' impression. After finishing taking photos, you have to go back to Nasha NPC to show the photos.

5. Visit Moguri (Kafra Staff)

After showing the photos, you must visit Moguri (Kafra Staff). This NPC is located just a few steps up from Nasha NPC. In this section, Kafra Staff will check your character status for teleport service.

6. Go to Job Change Hall

The next step is to go to Job Change Hall. This room is located in the northwestern direction of the city of Prontera. If you get lost, just click the map to see the directions guide. After arriving at the Job Change Hall room, you will automatically talk to Higgy Eez (Adventurer's Guild Senior Mentor).

Don't forget to click on "Hand Over Letter" to be able to continue the job change quest in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love.

7. Choose an NPC according to the job you want

The next step you will be told to choose one of the six NPCs in this region. Each of these NPCs represents the job character that you will choose later.

Next is the name of the NPC and its job choice representation:
  • Toukyou (Kingdom Shield) - Swordsman
  • Ysmir (Hand of Shadow) - Thief
  • Laiyinasi (Song of Psalm) - Acolyte
  • Gunther (Creator) - Merchant
  • Durta (Ancient Language Speaker) - Magician
  • Kebak (Silver Breeze) - Archer

Choose one of these NPCs, there will be several written tests. Just press the O button to complete the quest in this section.

8. Kill all monsters

After you talk to your chosen NPC, you will be transferred to the battle training area. Clear all the monsters that appear. As information, the monsters in this section have quite a lot of damage. Don't hesitate to use red potions. After killing all the monsters, please press the Rod lever.

9. Follow Job Change Ceremony

After exiting the battle training area, please return to talking to your chosen NPC job. After that, you will be moved into the castle to follow the procession change job. Press the "Forward" button until you arrive at the end of the room to find the last NPC. Click on the NPC and select "Begin Changing Jobs".

10. Congratulations! Your Character Has Changed Job

After following the steps above, finally, you have finished completing the job change quest. Now your character is much stronger and has some additional skills for adventure in the world of Rune Midgard.