What is The Meaning of Meta in Gaming?

In the world of competitive gaming, you might often hear the word 'META'. These words are often used especially in MOBA games. Usually, people use this word when they will choose a hero, then ask "what hero is the meta now?". Looking at these sentences we think meta might mean the hero is popular but is that right?

What is Meta?

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To understand what is the meaning of Meta itself, it might be better if we understand the origin of the word first. The word meta itself can actually mean a lot of meanings if quoting Wikipedia the word Meta comes from the Greek word. The meaning of the word Meta according to Wikipedia itself is.

A prefix that means "after" or "over". It could also be to explain an abstract thing that exceeds something else.

This means that when there is an additional meta word in front of something, then that is more than what the meta word added. Example: Meta-physics, which means something that exceeds physics.

Then what about metagame? You could say something metagame that exceeds the game. If quoting from Wikipedia again metagame or metagaming is interpreted as:

All strategies, actions, or methods used in the game where the action strategy or method exceeds the existing regulations, uses external factors or exceeds the boundaries of the surrounding situation. The point is, the more or less the purpose of the game mentioned above is probably the use of strategies in games that are outside of the game in general.

Misinterpretation Meaning of Meta?

[FEATURE] KAMUS GAMER: Hero Meta? Strategi Meta? Apa sih arti Meta di dalam Game?

Then is it true that the Meta that we discussed at length above is the same meta word that we often use in the game? It could be not, because the word meta could be said to be too old-fashioned, and it also felt like it didn't connect with the meta words we used to use.

The term metagame according to Wikipedia may still be reasonable to use, which is the reason why esports player strategies are often called meta because the strategies they use are usually outside the strategy in general.

But it turns out there are other meta terms that can be said to be more connected with the meta words that we usually use every day in the game. The urbandictionary.com site which is used to interpret slang words means the word meta as an abbreviation.

META is defined as the Most Effective Tactic Available, or the Most Effective Tactic That Can Be Used. -Added by a user named Chelsea Staub on November 15, 2015.

META is usually associated with tactics in the game. Competitive Dota players might talk and say

"Now the split push is really a META again, so I continue to use that strategy," he said.

But META can also be linked to a hero or item, for example, the chat is like

"Wow this is crazy DK is really a META, I play 10 wins 8 times using this hero!"

So what does Meta really mean?

[FEATURE] KAMUS GAMER: Hero Meta? Strategi Meta? Apa sih arti Meta di dalam Game?

Finally, we come to another question! (so it's more dizzy, most of the questions!) So what is the meaning of the meta word used by gamers every day? What does the meta word refer to the Greek word? Or is the urban dictionary translation that turns out META stands for?

The author himself agrees that the meta we have been using is META which stands for. Because if it is connected to what we usually discuss every day, such as meta heroes, meta strategies, or meta items, it all means one thing; the most effective, who has the greatest chance of winning. Then we can agree that the word META that we often use is META which stands for Most Effective Tactics Available.