4 Best Farming Zeny Places for Level 96+ in Ragnarok Eternal Love

When you reach level 96 and above in Ragnarok Eternal Love, surely you start to feel confused about farming Zeny. It's not unusual, because there is a penalty system that reduces the income of expensive material from monsters.

The player's safe limit for farming is 10 levels; when you reach 11 levels up, you will be exposed to 20 percent EXP and drop penalty. The penalty amount will increase by 20 percent every five times after exceeding 11 levels. Now here are some farming places that can still produce high Zeny coffers for high-level characters in Ragnarok Eternal Love:

4. Kordt Forest - Kobold Archer

Empat Tempat Farming Zeny Terbaik Buat Level 96+ di Ragnarok Eternal Love

Actually, the optimal level against the Kobold Archer in the Kordt Forest is at levels 80-95; because when you reach level 96, you will suffer 40 percent EXP and drop penalty! Of course, this will torture you, because your daily income will decrease dramatically. But for the Whitesmith, the income from fighting the three Kobold Archers still produces!

This is supported by Whitesmith's Hammer Fall ability which can quickly kill three Kobold Archers in one strike. But to achieve this great damage, you need a lot of capital too. From here, the total income of Whitesmith in a day should range from 1 to 2,000,000 Zeny.

3. Glast Heim Culvert - Anolian

Empat Tempat Farming Zeny Terbaik Buat Level 96+ di Ragnarok Eternal Love

Anolian is one of the best choices for you who are on level 96 and above. Anolian has a drop in goods that are not good enough, but there are two important materials that are quite expensive, namely Mystic Frozen (because they are used by Whitesmith to fight the Kobold) and Royal Jelly, which is currently high.

Unfortunately, there are so many powerful Job Job that can easily fight Anolian. Usually, the target of Anolian is Sniper, High Wizard, and also Whitesmith. So to get the best spot in Glast Heim Culvert is also quite difficult - plus there are players who cheat by relying on Mysteltainn to finish off other players.

2. Glast Heim Churchyard - Evil Druid and Dark Priest

Empat Tempat Farming Zeny Terbaik Buat Level 96+ di Ragnarok Eternal Love

Evil Druids and Dark Priest are dark type monsters that are easily defeated by high-level players. They must be defeated in one attack, the problem if not, they will use annoying abilities that can eliminate our SP and also stun.

However, the superiority, we will get the opportunity to take material from the Evil Druid and Dark Priest whose selling price is high. There are many jobs that can be hunted in this place, for example, Lord Knight with Bash or Bowling Bash, Creators with Sphere Parasitism, Whitesmith with Cart Revolution, or Priest with white magic abilities.

1. Toy Factory - Cruiser

Empat Tempat Farming Zeny Terbaik Buat Level 96+ di Ragnarok Eternal Love

Yes, the main enemy is often targeted by the Snipers. They have a high level, so you don't need to worry about penalties. Besides that Cruisers are also easily killed, so getting material from them is also very easy; plus those aggressive monsters with high respawn levels.

Usually, the Snipers will coincide with Priest at a point in the Toy Factory. Because the Sniper attack range is very far, they are able to attack the Cruiser quickly and easily. In contrast to other jobs that will certainly be troublesome against a Cruiser which also has a long attack distance.

That's four spot farming Zeny for level 96 and above in Ragnarok Eternal Love. Look forward to the next discussion.