5 Best Fighters in Mobile Legends February 2019

For the ideal team composition, the presence of a hero fighter in Mobile Legends is needed. They were strong enough at the beginning of the game and became even more sadistic towards the late game. Most of the best Mobile Legends fighter heroes of February 2019 are Melee heroes so they are quite difficult when dealing with Hero range which has several control effects.


Until now, there were 20 fighter heroes available before Guinevere's presence. Of these 20 heroes, there are only five best Mobile Legends fighter heroes in February 2019. Who are they? Check out more below.

5. Leomord

No wonder Leomord is still one of the best fighter heroes of the month. The hero who can ride this horse is indeed very strong because he has a total of up to five different skills with a large enough area. He is also agile enough to chase or run away from the enemy.

Besides being hard, Leomord can also hit while walking like Irithel when he rides Barbiel, his favorite horse. If you have entered the late game, Leomord can even flatten five heroes along with Hero tanks like Tigreal or Gatotkaca. He has a winrate of 52.49 percent this month.

4. Minsitthar

Many players feel disappointed because Minsitthar is somewhat weak compared to new heroes released previously such as Harith or Leomord. But in fact, Minsitthar is a hero ganker that is very horrible and deadly if it has been faced with teamfight.

He has the ability to kidnap enemies with Spear of Glory and stun effects that have a long duration. Minsitthar is also equipped with the strongest control effect at the moment, which is grounded, which makes enemy heroes unable to use skills at all. In this month, Minsitthar has a winrate of 52.91 percent.

3. Ruby

As a fighter, Ruby actually relied heavily on her skills compared to basic attacks like other fighters. He is also the only Hero who cannot get the lifesteal from basic attacks, but from the skills he uses with greater effects. Ruby is also equipped with quite high damage, short cooldown, and low cost!

With only Demon Shoes, Ruby doesn't need to bother thinking about what and can throw skills at will. In this month, he is in the third position with a winrate of 53.68 percent.

2. Alpha

The hero fighter who can carry out this initiation is very deadly, especially if the player has mastered the positioning and timing when using skills. It is also very flexible because it can be a tank or dealer damage depending on the build and emblem. Coupled with high lifesteal, Alpha is almost hard to die if it has a qualified item.

One way to counter this hero is only to buy heal effect reduction items which will make the enemy Hero lose one main item in order to make Alpha helpless. He is in second place with winrate 54.08 percent.

1. Aldous

It was dim in the previous months, this super One-Punch-KW-KW-potential has been rising lately. Aldous is very effective in dealing with marksman heroes because the blows can kill them with just one to two blows.

Not to mention the ultimate can target the hero from anywhere so anyone who is dying will surely die by him. In this month, Aldous has a winrate of 54.14 percent