5 Best Heroes Assassin in Mobile Legends February 2019

Role assassins in Mobile Legends are usually very agile and deadly. They are equipped with very high damage so they can kill enemy heroes quickly. Unfortunately, assassins are the hardest role and need a good experience to be able to master them because they have a low defense so often dubbed glass cannons.


Until now, there are 14 hero assassins and some of them have more than one role. Of the 14 heroes, there are only 5 of the best this month. Let's look at the best assassin hero Mobile Legends in February 2019 below.

5. Alucard

The small buff given to Alucard turned out to have a considerable impact on his role in the game. Now, Alucard has a longer attack range after using the skill and makes it even more agile. The damage that is produced is very large, even at the initial level. If he is able to get a higher level than the enemy, victory is certain.

Unfortunately, it doesn't have any control effects and is very dependent on buffs. This certainly made him a target to be bullied with hero control or anti regen items. Even so, he managed to be in fifth position with a winrate of 51.17 percent.

4. Selena

Karina's sister who can change form is not only popular, but also very strong in the game. His Abyssal Arrow has a stun with the longest duration of 3 seconds if it hits an enemy. His Abyssal Trap is also very annoying and can produce enormous magic damage when it explodes.

When it has changed to the abyssal form, Selena will produce very high damage to the enemy since the initial level. No wonder he was in fourth place with a winrate of 51.26 percent.

3. Hayabusa

This ninja is also very popular among players because of its high agility and damage. The combination of Quad Shadow and Phantom Shuriken Hayabusa can overwhelm the enemy because the Phantom Shuriken will come out continuously due to a decrease in cooldown. Not to mention Ougi: Shadow Kill which is very suitable for killing backline heroes quickly. This ability makes Hayabusa in third place with a winrate of 51.73 percent.

2. Hanzo

Being able to keep up with the soul aka releasing spirits from the body, Hanzo became the most popular assassin hero because the way he played was classified as safer than other heroes. While still in human mode, Hanzo has incredible farming speeds thanks to the first and second skills. If you can master the map, Hanzo can surpass other heroes.

Hanzo's true ability was only shown when he was able to release ninja demons from his body. Hanzo can penetrate walls, move faster, and get more lethal skills to kill heroes from afar. But you have to be vigilant because Hanzo will die if his original body dies even though his spirit is wandering around. In this month, he has a winrate of 51.99 percent.

1. Lapu-Lapu

It cannot be denied that this Filipino hero is the best assassin. The damage, defense and agility he has is very troublesome to the enemy, especially if he has used the ultimate. In total, Lapu-Lapu has 6 different skills with terrible effects.

When in the team fight, the enemy must be wary of Lapu-Lapu because it has a stun effect in a fairly far range. All skills that are already in two handed mode will be very sick and can kill non-tank heroes immediately. In this month, Lapu-Lapu is in the first position with a winrate of 52.64 percent.