5 Fun Facts on Kung Fu Hustle, The Most Watched Silat Film in History!

Stephen Chow has just announced the Kung Fu Hustle 2 film which is currently being worked on. Certainly, this film will not be defeated by the first Kung Fu Hustle. Before watching the continuation of this hilarious film, maybe you need to know various interesting facts that exist in Hustle Kungfu.

Ibu Juragan 1.jpg

5. Interesting Ax Gang Boss

Stephen Chow had spent a lot of time thinking about how to make an ax from the head of the Gang of Geng look scary and different from other gangs. Then Stephen also decided to use the boss figure who was good at dancing so he used the sequel to the dance.

Danny Chan Kwok-kwan who was acting as Sum, the leader of Geng Kapak was a choreographer who was an expert at dancing. He also studied Jeet Kun Do, a martial art invented by Bruce Lee. That made him have very good dancing skills, then Stephen used it to make Kwok Kwan look strong besides giving him a cruel role.

4. CGI that is not displayed

Actually, there are scenes where two assassins hired by Geng Kapak bosses fight with sharks to show their strength with guqin traditional musical instruments. But that was never made because the CGI team said they could not do it.

3. How Stephen Chow Learns Kungfu

Stephen Chow is someone who is self-taught in learning martial arts martial arts. The 56-year-old actor was inspired by Bruce Lee and he studied martial arts by imitating his movements to become an actor like now. Stephen had studied in a kung fu school in a short time, unfortunately, he had to stop because of his financial condition.

Nevertheless, Stephen continued to watch various Bruce Lee films and study martial arts movements such as Wing Chun. The self-defense that he uses in the Hustle Kung Fu movie is also thanks to learning from imitating Bruce Lee.

2. The role of Mrs. Land lord

During the Kung Fu Hustle casting, Yuen Qiu was seen smoking with a sarcastic expression that saw his friend take part in the audition. Even though he did not audition, he was chosen to have the role of Mrs. Juragan because of this. What's interesting is that Stephen Chow didn't know that Yuen Qiu had previously been an actress in one of the James Bond films.

1. The Woman Who Is Sing's Little Friend

When looking for the actress who plays Fong, the woman who is Sing's little friend, Stephen Chow wants a woman with an innocent face. Of the 8,000 women who auditioned, Eva Huang was chosen to get the role of Fong.