5 Heroes Combo Badang in Mobile Legends

Badang's presence in Mobile Legends can be said to be welcomed less excited than other heroes. Just like Minsitthar, Badang tends to be more fierce when he is in the team fight. Especially if it's combined with the following heroes, Badang is even more terrible. Curious about anyone? Check out the following Badang combo heroes.


1. Grock

These two heroes who can make their own walls have quite a terrible combination if they are in a team. Badang who created the wall can make Grock easily hit with the ultimate without bothering to think about the wall again. In certain conditions, Badang and Grock can make enemies trapped on the walls without being able to escape unless they have Flicker or blink skills.

Also, keep in mind, both Rock and Badang have very painful damage skills when they hit the wall. Imagine how painful it was to be hit and beaten many times?

2. Moskov

Already surrounded, put on the wall too! That is what will happen if Badang and Moscow are in one team. With the right timing, Badang can create a wall that encloses the enemy and is greeted by a powerful spear (read: Spear of Misery) belonging to Moskov. In this way, at least one hero must die with this deadly combo.

Even so, you still have to pay attention to the timing, because if it gets wrong, the wall won't even work and the enemy will get even further.

3. Minsitthar

Neighbors in the real world, dead combos in Mobile Legends! That is what happened between Minsitthar, a hero from Myanmar and Badang, a hero from Malaysia. Both can create a deadly atmosphere for the enemy team with a combination of Fist Break + King's Calling. Fist Break who can create a wall with King's Calling with a grounded effect can make enemies panic and finish them quickly.

4. Fanny

Need a hero attached to the wall? It's definitely her Fanny! Utilizing the Steel Cable and Badang's wall, both of them can kill a hero without skill to escape quickly! Unfortunately, the combination of these two heroes has quite a fatal weakness, guys.

If the enemy has a blink skill and crosses the wall, then neither Fanny nor Badang will be able to catch up quickly because they have to spin further. To outsmart, add Minsitthar as a complement to making chaos on the enemy team.

5. Lolita

Is it true that you are in a condition of being stuck in a wall and being hit by the slowest effect of Ultimate Lolita? It can't run away except using Flicker! Badang and Lolita can be a good combination to make all enemies helpless when Badang enters.

However, both of them have the same gap as Fanny so they still need help from Minsitthar as a hero who has a grounded effect to lock the enemy and make them nothing. If this is the case, the enemy inevitably must have a Sprint battle spell that is rarely taken.