Acne Treatment Using Derma Drinkables Antioxidant

The Derma Drinkable website contains information on the use of products, acne, and antioxidant statistics, the correlation of antioxidants with the skin, photographs before and after results, ingredients, FAQs and contact information. It is very attractive, professional and informative. Derma Drinkables took about a week in five days, including packaging and two more days of shipping. There is also a confirmation e-mail at the time of purchase and a package tracking that can be viewed via e-mail.


The product was in a white box labeled Derma Drinkables on the front. When I opened the article, there were 16 mini bottles in the box. This is a total of 8 days of use (2 per day). Each bottle contains instructions for taking the product and how many books a day are recommended because of the severity of the acne. My skin is more inflamed, so my recommended dose is twice a day.


Derma Drinkables is a bit expensive, I noticed that at checkout. The bottle of 8 bottles costs $ 24.95. Since I ordered 16, my total was $ 49.90 (excluding shipping).

I will use

Since acne is on the bad side, Derma Drinkables recommended that I drink 16, 21 days, 2 a day, 1 in the morning, and 1 afternoon. I took half the recommended dose (8 days instead of 16 to 21 days). It was easy to remember to drink 2 bottles a day. For mild to moderate acne, it is advisable to drink 2 bottles for 4 to 8 days.

The result

I was glad that I did not come out while using the bottles. However, I do not see much difference in my skin, there is almost no difference. They also mention on their website that they will refund your purchase if they are not satisfied with your results, which is very unlikely.


Because everyone has a different skin, this product may not work for others. I followed the instructions on the website and on the packaging and did not see the results that I really wanted. I may try again, but I double the number of bottles to see if the product works longer because I only took half the dose.