Apex Legends Leak Signaling The Arrival of Solo Mode and Duo!

Apex Legends, the Battle Royale game that is on the rise, so far only has Squad mode. Alias you have to play three in a group. But through a leak from ApexUpdate Twitter users who often leak Fortnite content properly, this Respawn Entertainment game is rumored to be coming to Solo and Duo modes!

This is implied by the code written in the game.

Bocoran Apex Legends Sinyalkan Kedatangan Mode Solo dan Duo!

Interestingly, in the plan for the next 1 year from Apex Legends, it is not written at all to enter Solo and Duo modes. But, indeed this step is quite reasonable because some players prefer to have more choices than being forced to play with unknown people.

Apex Legends has reached 25,000,000 players in less than 2 weeks - surpassing Fortnite's record of only 10,000,000.