Hanzo Mobile Legends Bug: The Body Becomes as Weak as a Jungle Monster?

The Hanzo Mobile Legends bug was finally detected. After the bug that made him lose his cellphone has been fixed some time ago, this time there is a bug that makes him a jungle monster! When he takes off the body, his original body will be exposed to the same damage as jungle monsters when he is retribution.


I don't know whether 100 percent of the original bug or body when releasing body changed status to jungle monster, which obviously is very detrimental to Hanzo, especially for heroes who have jungle items and emblems.

If you use an agile hero like Fanny and find Hanzo's real body, he might die instantly with Retribution.  Hopefully, this will be fixed quickly, guys! If it turns out that this isn't a bug, Hanzo's users must be more careful, especially if the enemy also uses Hanzo and swallows his original body.