How to Download Official Minecraft for Free on Your PC and Android!

Free Minecraft is definitely sought after by gamers because the game Minecraft is very fun to play and gives you a vast space to realize your imagination. But buying an original Minecraft is enough to spend money and it would be nice if you could play Minecraft for free without piracy, right?


No need to be confused because World Games will give you a number of free Minecraft options on both the PC and Android versions. Have you never played Minecraft and are curious to try it? Immediately, this is how to download Minecraft for free on your PC and Android!

How to Download Minecraft Classic PC

Released under the name ClassiCube, the Minecraft Classic is the second phase of Minecraft, the development version made by developer Notch, which was released in general. Creative and Survival modes are also introduced in this phase. Originally this phase did not yet have a name until June 28, 2010.

Cara Download Minecraft Gratis Resmi di PC dan Android Kamu!

Minecraft Classic does not support many key features such as crafting, inventory, and dynamic lighting. Adding new features is gradually added. Although the update is fairly slow, many players still play this free version of Minecraft.

Also in this Classic version, sand blocks can already be used in Minecraft. However, sand blocks are very difficult to find because they only appear in certain places, usually near water and below sea level.

Cara Download Minecraft Gratis Resmi di PC dan Android Kamu!

Initially, Minecraft Classic can still be played for free on the official Minecraft.net site even though it is no longer updated and is only stored for historical purposes. This free Minecraft can be played in either single or multiplayer variations. There are mods that have been added to the multiplayer mode, making free Minecraft more varied. Several special game modes such as Capture the Flag, Lava Survival, TNT Wars or Zombies have also been created.

On August 8, 2012, the Classic version of the link was deleted, but was added again after many gamers complained. On July 1, 2013, because the new Minecraft launcher can play Classic, the link is deleted again, even though the page remains open and can be played.

Up to a point between 10-12 September 2015, the free Classic Minecraft page was completely deleted. The Minecraft Classic is now only available through the official Minecraft launcher if the Alpha version is activated. Fortunately, you can play the free Minecraft multiplayer version via Classicube.net

How to Download Minecraft PC Demo and Console

Do you want to try playing Minecraft for free but the most recent official version? Take it easy, there is a free demo version of Minecraft. You can play Minecraft demo mode for PC and Mac by registering a Mojang account and downloading the Minecraft launcher. You can register for a Mojang account here.

You need to know that this version can only be played for 5 days in-game or 100 minutes. Playing the free Minecraft demo also works to find out if your PC is capable of running Minecraft before buying this game.

Cara Download Minecraft Gratis Resmi di PC dan Android Kamu!

There is also a Minecraft Demo for PS4 and Xbox 360 consoles. Keep in mind that this demo version only contains tutorials and you cannot save the game. For how to download the Minecraft Demo, you download the game at the link below

How to Download Minecraft Trial PC, Android, and iOS

This is a trial version of Minecraft that you can play on Android and iOS smartphones. But if you want to play this free Minecraft on a PC or laptop, you can play it through a number of Android emulators like MEmu, Nox, or Bluestack that you can download below.

There are various interesting features in this game such as interesting maps, skins, and texture packages made by members of the Minecraft community. In addition, you can also give items, call a bunch of people, change time, etc.

Cara Download Minecraft Gratis Resmi di PC dan Android Kamu!

There is also a multiplayer mode in this game that can be played with 10 friends on different platforms, anytime, anywhere. But you need to remember that this trial can only be used for 30 days. With this you can find new friends in the game or even meet old friends.