Only 13 Years Old, This Little Girl Has Debuted as a Professional Mangaka

Making work and becoming a professional does not know the age. This is evidenced by the achievements that have been achieved by Nana Hoshiki, a 13-year-old little girl who made her debut in the Japanese comic industry and became a professional mangaka.


This surprising thing comes from the latest issue of Margaret magazine, a comic magazine that focuses on shoujo genre content. Nana Hoshiki managed to carve out her short manga work, Inshin no Yuki, in the magazine. Although only 16 pages, successfully debuting in the world of professional manga at a young age is a high achievement.

Inshin no Yuki received a pretty positive response from netizens. Besides having good illustrations, this manga also has an interesting story. When he discovered that the author was still small, netizens also expressed his admiration.

Tomofumi Arito, a veteran manga editor from Shogakukan publisher, also expressed his admiration for Nana Hoshiki's abilities. He claimed that he had never seen a 13-year-old boy who successfully debuted in the manga industry like this.

At a very young age, she has made quite high achievements. Hopefully, Nana's positive response will be the fuel for her to continue working to become a great mangaka. At the same age as Nana, what have you done?