[REWORK] New Chang'e Mobile Legends: A Little Mage Fighting with Her Rabbit!

After being released for a long time, Mobile Legends finally gave Chang'e rework which could potentially bring it to meta in the game. His ability is now becoming more sadistic and far more useful than previous skills. To get Chang'e, you can buy it for 32,000 battle points, equivalent to 599 diamonds (which you can now buy also through World Games).

Chang'e's ability is quite unique because he has such a good slow effect and short cooldown burst damage. Chang'e's ability can make it one of the most effective Minion cleaning heroes because of the great damage with a fairly large area. That was some of Chang'e's strengths. More curious about this one loli hero? Come see the following hero statistics and fighting abilities.

Hero Statistics

[REWORK] Heropedia Chang'e Mobile Legends: Mage Kecil yang Bertarung Bersama Kelincinya!

From the picture above, we can see how much of the ability effect it has. Chang'e has good skills with area and slow by using his rabbit. He did lose the stun effect of his old skill, but now Chang'e can be used as a damage dealer, both from basic attacks and skills. The resulting magic attack is now very high and no longer depends on passive skills.

Unfortunately, all of Chang'e's skills are now only in the direction of a straight line and quite difficult regarding the hero if it's not directed. He also cannot lose the shield buff so that the magic damage hurts both the first and ultimate skills. Without the buff, Chang'e is not useful.

Hero Ability

[REWORK] Heropedia Chang'e Mobile Legends: Mage Kecil yang Bertarung Bersama Kelincinya!

Bunny Shockwave - Skill 1 (Active): Chang'e fires energy in the intended direction. Produces magic damage and slow effects. Bunny's Blessings: Chang'e and his rabbit shoot energy in the same direction, resulting in magic damage and slow effects that stack together with the rabbit.

Bunny's Blessings - Skill 2 (Active): Calls a rabbit next to it that gives a number of shields while increasing movement speed. As long as the shield still lasts, all of Chang'e's skills and basic attacks will get additional effects. Chang'e's rabbit will contribute to the magic damage to basic attack.

Bunny Missile - Ultimate: Chang'e gathers energy and gets additional movement speed. He will fire 20 missiles in the intended direction and produce magic damage. Minions and jungle monsters are exposed to extra damage. Bunny's Blessings: Chang'e and his rabbit will fire missiles together. Each rabbit will produce smaller magic damage.

Salt of Wound - Passive: Every time you produce damage to an enemy, Chang'e's next damage skill will increase by 1%. This effect can stack up to 20%.

That's the Heropedia Mobile Legends this time. With this change, Chang'e will be far more useful because of the extra large movement speed and damage. If there is an enemy trying Chang'e's gang alone, he must be careful because things can turn around quickly.