[REWORK] New Nana Mobile Legends, Cute Cat Elf with Deadly Mysterious Magic!

Nana is a mage hero as well as support in Mobile Legends that resembles a small cat with a boomerang as its main weapon. To get Nana, you can buy it at a shop for 6,500 battle points or the equivalent of 249 tickets. Although fairly cheap, Nana is not a weak support/mage hero. She has a unique power that is able to turn her enemy into a helpless cat and make enemies stun with a long duration.

Plus the relatively short cooldown she became the best nuker hero. Besides that, where the low cost is the advantage. She also now cannot die every few seconds so the enemy must be careful with her presence in the game.

That was some of the advantages of Nana. Want to know more about this fairy cat? Let's look at the hero statistics and fighting abilities below.

Hero Statistics

[REWORK] Heropedia Nana Mobile Legends, Cat Elf Imut dengan Sihir Misterius yang Mematikan!

Based on the image above, we can see an extraordinary ability effect. A good control effect of the skill plus short cooldown with high enough damage makes it very good when in teamfight. Not to mention the passive effect that made him unable to die for a while so Nana could run away and make enemies fooled.

Unfortunately, he now no longer provides additional gold from passive skills. Instead, she could not die for a while so it was more useful to disrupt enemy formation. But when she changed, Nana could not use skills or basic attacks at all and was only effective for escaping. She is also very weak in terms of defense and is easily killed by high damage heroes like Eudora.

Hero Ability

[REWORK] Heropedia Nana Mobile Legends, Cat Elf Imut dengan Sihir Misterius yang Mematikan!

Magic Boomerang - Skill 1 (Active): Nana throws a magic boomerang in the intended direction. Every time about the enemy, the boomerang will produce magic damage and give a slow effect for 1.5 seconds. The first hit will produce full damage, and the next hit will produce smaller magic damage.

Molina Smooch - Skill 2 (Active): Call Molina in the destination area. After a short delay, Molina will lock the enemy into the area and pursue the hero. When touching, the enemy will change to the spirit paint for 1.5 seconds and be exposed to a number of magic damage and decrease the magic resistance as long as it changes.

Molina Blitz - Ultimate (Active): Call Molina to attack the designated area three times in a straight line. Each attack will produce a number of magic damage and give a slow effect for 2 seconds. If the enemy is hit by at least two Molina attacks, she will be stunned for 1 second.

Molina’s Blitz - Passive: When hit with deadly damage, Nana will turn into a raccoon for 2 seconds. She is immune to all types of damage

That was the brief Heropedia about Nana rework this time. With Nana's skills changing, she can bring changes in the meta with her role as support and mage.