Ring of The Fiend Becomes Current AOV Meta Support Item, Replace Essence of The Wind?

In the January Arena of Valor update yesterday, the popular Essence of The Wind support item has begun to be replaced by Ring of the Fiend! Why did that happen? And is it important for your team?


Before entering into the discussion of the reasons for the significant change, we must remember that the AOV support item greatly influences the condition of a team because it has its own function and purpose, especially regulating the team's style of play. Of the four choices; Essence of the Wind, Ring of the Fiend, Tidecaller's Mark, and Purifying Bracers; Essence of The Wind is generally the most important choice.

This is because the Essence of the Wind has a passive effect in the form of a shield which will be very useful to help a partner who will be killed by an opponent. Even the given shield status isn't playing, which is 800+ hero x80 levels!

Not to mention you also get an additional movement speed of 30 percent if you receive active effects from Essence of The Wind. Can you imagine how profitable it would be if a team had this one support item?

Not only is it profitable for teammates, but Essence of The Wind is also very useful for users who buy it. Because the user himself will get:

+ where is 15 per 5 seconds;
+250 physical defense;
+600 Max HP;
+40 HP per 5 seconds;
and +5 percent movement speed.

This means that for tank support users, of course, Essence of The Wind is like a mandatory item that must be purchased in the early game. However, on the AOV update in January 2019, it seems that the role of Ring of the Fiend began to replace Essence of The Wind. Now we are just trying to examine the cause!

The status change that occurs in the Ring of the Fiend - which used to lead to magic damage and is now towards the armor - makes it an attractive choice. In addition to +15 percent cooldown reduction, +20 where per 5 seconds, +200 physical defense, +600 Max HP, and + 5% movement speed are enough reasons why now the Ring of the Fiend is the choice of the support, especially tanks.

Not to mention the effect that is also now getting additional buff, making it able to see the surrounding conditions in a duration of 4 seconds. Of course, the carry or archer is also more spoiled. Not only that, the addition of movement speed to colleagues within an 8 meter radius is also one of the reasons why the Ring of the Fiend is suitable for being engaged or disengaged items.

Surely this is good news for those of you who support tanks who have difficulty keeping the carry from invisible heroes like Quillen, Wukong, and Batman who are currently busy using it.