Supreme Patty Before and After Acne

Social media offset the field for the star dome. Anyone with a strong will and a smartphone can find millions of followers and effectively transform their presence and content into a full-fledged business. However, millions of people often see it at prices such as lemon juice. Here is what Supreme Patty looked like before and after acne.

The 20-year-old Supreme Patty from Daytona, Florida, has gained over 2.5 million followers on Instagram, and it's best to express him as a modern version of MTV's Jackass's Johnny Knoxville. His food is full of stunts and skits. Most of them offer room for compromises like squeezing lime juice and snowboarding. This person has let him to the hospital.

He is also known for putting random things in his bong. In August, Patty filled up with 7-Eleven with Slurpee. Patty tears Bon in the shop, drinks colored sugar ice cream and expire without pay at first sight. He crushed the bone afterward.

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Patty used a tortilla to make a joint. He was arrested last year in Los Angeles when he sucked weeds out of his nose with a trumpet tip and caused a rebellion and smoked Bonn with a hot wing sauce. Yes, after smoking a spicy sauce, he poured them into chicken wings and ate them.

You get points - Patty uses a model that many social media stars follow to get about the following. And with every video, he seems to be getting more and more extreme. Patty started eating hot dogs very fast. Now he tattooed the Supreme logo in his lower lip and sucked weed out of the gas bottle just a few feet from the pumping station.