Whitesmith Ax, Mace, or Knife Type: Which is the Most Suitable for You in Ragnarok Eternal Love?

Whitesmith Ragnarok Eternal Love is a character who is able to use various kinds of weapons. Changes from Merchants and Blacksmiths are now able to use Knives, Mace and Axes - or Knife, Mace, and Ax types. Well, even though it sounds funny because of a lot of choices but this actually brings a lot of questions, which weapon is the most suitable for Whitesmith?

Whitesmith Tipe Axe, Mace, atau Knife: Mana yang Paling Cocok Buat Kamu di Ragnarok Eternal Love?

Well, this time the author will provide answers to these questions. Because the author himself is currently one of the Whitesmith users who already have enough experience in using this merchant-based Job, it is worth sharing one by one the weaknesses and strengths of each weapon.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Build Whitesmith Knife

First is the Blade type alias Knife, this one is indeed the cheapest to make. One of the best knives for Whitesmith is the Holy Dagger which gives extra ATK status that can be said to be very high. Besides this weapon is also cheaper to be given a slot, thus helping Whitesmith to do Zeny farming.

Usually, this Blade weapon is only used to give damage to Whitesmith. Holy Dagger itself has no other advantages besides giving a high percentage of ATK increase, so according to the author this weapon is only suitable for farming, not for boss hunting or PVP.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Build Whitesmith Mace

The second is the Gada type weapon, also known as the Mace. This weapon is also close to Whitesmith even though this type is more suitable for Monk, Priest and Alchemist. This is because Whitesmith doesn't have runes that increase attacks when using a Mace.

In addition, there are many Mace type weapons that also provide additional attacks on Job-Job other than Whitesmith, making it less suitable for you to use.

But if you get Saint Hammer at the start of the game, you can use this weapon to play up to level 90 and above. Saint Hammer has a very high base attack status, even higher than the Saint Ax, so you can use it effectively to increase the skill attacks possessed by Merchants to Whitesmith.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Build Whitesmith Ax

The third is the most popular Ax or Ax type weapon. Not strange, because according to the author Kapak is the best type of weapon for this Job Ragnarok Eternal Love to date.

Many axes have special abilities that enhance abilities from Whitesmith; for example, Doom Ax which increases fire element attacks twice as usual. Then Vecer Ax increases the Attack Cart attack and attacks the Moderate Monster.

In addition, Whitesmith also has two main runes that will increase attacks when using Ax type weapons. These two main runes are Ax Refining and Ax Refining - Enpower, both of which will increase the ATK very much so that Whitesmith can produce very very high damage.

Now that's a brief discussion about the build of Whitesmith Ragnarok Eternal Love type Knife, Mace, or Ax.