10 Features of PUBG Mobile that Are Not Available on Apex Legends

Apex Legends did manage to become one of the best games on the Battle Royale market. The latest title from Respawn Entertainment has succeeded in honing the elements in the genre and perfecting them. But the game also did not escape the shortcomings. In fact, I can find ten features of PUBG Mobile that are not on Apex Legends!


1. Auto Loot Feature

This is the most striking of the two games. Auto Loot is considered very easy for PUBG Mobile players so they don't waste time looting compared to fighting. Unfortunately, in Apex Legends, you have to take equipment and bullets manually and inefficient!

2. Solo and Duo modes

Unfortunately, despite wanting to be different from other Battle Royale, Apex Legends has not yet presented a solo and duo mode. Though not a few players who only want to play alone rather than playing with their friends.

3. There are vehicles to surround the map

Battle Royale without a vehicle to explore the map seems to be a bit of a hit. Likewise with Apex Legends, so far, vehicles are still things that disappear in this game.

4. Map More Than 1

PUBG is good on mobile and PC has three maps that can be played with different features. What about Apex Legends? Unfortunately, the game from Respawn Entertainment only has one folder to explore.

5. Can Reconnect If Disconnecting

Here is the biggest weakness of Apex Legends which is regretted by some people. This game does not allow players to reconnect if they are thrown out of the game. This is what makes many players frustrated because there is no bot that replaces the missing person

6. Four Maximum Players instead of Three!

Battle Royale is always identical to four players in one squad. But Apex Legends actually does something different by only allowing three players in one squad. The loss of one player will certainly change the way someone plays because they have to be more careful so that they are not easily eliminated.

7. Diverse Attachments

Even though it has a unique Hop-Up but besides the attachment, Apex Legends does not have many types of attachments like PUBG that have different barrels such as Flash Hider and Suppressor. In addition, the effects of attachments also vary and affect the status of the weapons they wear

8. There is Cooperation with other Franchises

As a new title, Apex Legends still has no collaboration with franchises or other game titles. While the PUBG, both mobile or PC, has many crossovers starting from Mission Impossible: Fallout to Resident Evil 2, which presents the Survive Till Dawn mode.

9. Battle Pass feature

Until now, the Battle Pass feature is still not present at Apex Legends. Even though these features are often used in various games starting from Dota 2, Fortnite and of course PUBG Mobile. However, Respawn Entertainment promised to bring these features in accordance with their roadmap in the next year.

10. FPP and TPP Viewpoints

Well, this is what makes PUBG Mobile unique compared to other Battle Royale including Apex Legends. So far, only the game Tencent worked on and the PC version developed by PUBG Corp. which uses two viewpoints in two different modes.

Those are the ten features of PUBG Mobile that are not on Apex Legends. Do you think the game that managed to break the Fortnite record in the most number of players in a month is a better game than PUBG?