10 Powerful Tips To Survive On Survive Till Dawn PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile finally gave an update that contained content from the collaboration with Resident Evil 2. In the update, there was a new mode by presenting additions that could make you scared: zombies and Tyrant! But don't give up! We will provide ten tips for survival on Survive Till Dawn PUBG Mobile.

Sepuluh Tips Ampuh Untuk Bertahan Hidup Di Survive Till Dawn PUBG Mobile

1. DO NOT Play Solo!

Never assume that you will get pleasure in this mode if playing Solo. You should forget about these choices in Survive Till Dawn and play with friends or other arbitrary players. Why is that? Because the best way to deal with a sea of zombies is to have someone to guard your back.

2. A good landing is the key to survival

Choose a place to land carefully. Because where you start the match determines the loot and equipment you use to fight zombies and other players! Landing in Pochinki is indeed risky but most likely other players will face zombies before you.

3. Grenades, Grenades, and Grenades

Grenades are your best equipment in fighting hundreds of zombies who come to eat you. One grenade or a Molotov Cocktail will crush all zombies that approach you and your colleagues. In addition, there is one more grenade that is very useful against other players and the author will give on another point.

4. Be Prepared for Vaccines Before It's Too Late

Vaccines will really help you survive by making you able to use Bandage or First Aid Kits faster. When fighting a group of zombies, you only have a little time to heal so always keep a vaccine before night falls.

5. Tyrant = High Risk, High Rewards

You will find a replacement area for the Red Zone that is far more dangerous in this mode. In this circle, the zombie bosses namely Tyrant will chase you and try to kill you. You can finish off these special enemies if you work together and have enough equipment. Tyrant will drop a rare loot and help you get a Chicken Dinner!

6. Vehicles are your best friend

After searching for lots of loot and items to survive, vehicles are the best friends you can get. With a car, you can avoid zombies and other players to survive at night. But you must be careful not to run out of gas when circling.

7. Forget Smoke Grenade

You can't use smoke grenade against zombies because they are able to find you even in smoke! So don't ever think that you can use smoke tactics and then raise your friends who have fallen against these cannibals.

8. Many new weapons, many ways to play new

Remember the words of the writer at point three if there are grenades that really help you fight other players? The Zombie Grenade is the answer and is able to summon a group of zombies in the direction of the grenade being thrown. In addition, there are also Minigun and Flamethrower who can crush a group of zombies in a short time. Learn and you have a great chance to get a Chicken Dinner.

9. Stick from behind!

Besides facing zombies, you will meet other players who also survive from the attacks of these creepy creatures. However, other players can also kill you so they can take your loot. Always be aware of these players and stab them in the back as they face the zombies.

10. Get to know your task in the morning and evening

These are the last tips and can be the most important. You have to understand what to do in the morning and evening. At sunrise, you have to boot as soon as possible and look for equipment to get ready when night falls. At night, if you have a vehicle, maybe you can get around but if not, try to have a suitable place to hold back the onslaught of zombies.