3 New Jobs Ragnarok Eternal Love in Southeast Asia Server

Ragnarok Eternal Love server Southeast Asia (SEA) still has a feature that is considered chaotic by its players even though it has been running for 3 months. This server provides various main features from episodes one to three, but there are also some features from episode four and five that appear on this server.

Overlapping this feature makes the server less stable. Well, while waiting for improvements and additions to new features, there are three new Job Ragnarok Eternal Love that has been eagerly awaited and reportedly will appear in episode five.

Indeed, from the beginning of Ragnarok Eternal Love was planned to provide 19 different jobs, starting from the Novice and then branching out to six new jobs and then branching in two more. In the Chinese version, there are new jobs that appear later. This must be done because Ragnarok M and the original PC version are very different; so there must be a skill change that makes this game more balanced between one Job with another Job.

The following are the three new jobs whose arrival is the most awaited player from Southeast Asia:

1. Bard, Clown, Minstrel

Tiga Job Ragnarok Eternal Love Baru yang Sudah Ditunggu Pemain Server Asia Tenggara

Bard is an advanced Job from Archer other than Hunter - but this Job is unique because only men can turn into Bard. They were musicians who studied on Comodo Island, a coastal area in the southwestern city of Morroc. Unlike Hunter who is aggressive in attacking from afar, Bard is more focused as a supporting character.

Bard is very good at using stringed instruments such as guitars, bringing various songs that encourage adventurers to fight. Even though they are musicians, they are also capable of fighting deadly attacks, you know! Even they can shoot arrows using strings from their instruments.

Bard and Dancer will also be able to duet, bring very strong music. The music they bring is able to give buffs or buffs to friends or enemies. Bard can later change to Clown then become Minstrel.

2. Dancer, Gipsy, Wanderer

Tiga Job Ragnarok Eternal Love Baru yang Sudah Ditunggu Pemain Server Asia Tenggara

Besides Bard, Archers can also turn into Gipsy, the condition is that they must have a female gender. Hehe ... Unlike Hunter, the Gipsy use whips to defeat their enemies. Yep right, they have deadly dance skills that are able to make enemies weak and careless. But the dance also encourages his friends.

Dancer has the advantage of fighting from far and near and music that will damage the enemy. In addition, using a whip he can shoot arrows like the Bard did. However, most of their skills are focused on becoming supporting characters.

As explained earlier, Dancer was able to join Bard to sing a stronger song. The combination of the two is inseparable! Yep, I hope that the Bard and Dancer couples will be more numerous and known in Ragnarok Eternal Love SEA!

3. Sage, Professor, Sorcerer

Tiga Job Ragnarok Eternal Love Baru yang Sudah Ditunggu Pemain Server Asia Tenggara

The Wizard will also get the opportunity to do multi-job! This time is Sage, which is a smart person who has many interesting skills. They are selected wizards who have studied in the space city of Juno. Unlike the Wizard, they are also supporting characters who are able to strengthen and weaken elements.

Sage is also a new Job that is able to use books as weapons. More interestingly, Job Sage also has the ability to attack using physical attacks!

They have an attack advantage while using magic simultaneously. In addition, they are able to create special zones that will increase the attack power of their elements.

Job further from Sage, they are able to use other terrible abilities such as double casting which allows Sage to issue the same attack twice in just one attack. Then there is also the Dispel skill that fails casting spells from enemies.