4 Rework Mobile Legends Paling Menarik Februari 2019

In February 2019 Mobile Legends launches a number of reworks that are quite interesting to a number of your favorite heroes. What are the Mobile Legends reworks that you need to pay attention to? Let's look at the discussion below.

Empat Rework Mobile Legends Paling Menarik Februari 2019, Hero Support Menggila!

1. Nana Rework

The mage hero while supporting Mobile Legends is similar to a small cat with a boomerang weapon which is one of the things that gets a quite interesting rework in early 2019. Thanks to Molina's Blitz's passive skill, now she can't die for a while - because when he gets the damage that makes him die, Nana will turn into a raccoon for 2 seconds. In this form, she is immune to all kinds of damage so that Nana can escape and make the enemy fooled.

Unfortunately, there is now no more gold from passive skills. Instead, he could not die for some time. You could say it's quite useful to disrupt enemy formation. But on the other hand, when she changed, Nana could not use skills or basic attacks at all and was only effective for escaping.

Besides that, the first and second skill effects made the damage very painful. His Molina's Smooch will reduce magic resistance so that the enemy can immediately die!

2. Diggie rework

Talk to support heroes who can't die; this month Diggie also gets fun reworks. When he dies, he will become an egg instead! Even so, this change cannot be used to escape. He can only stalk and cannot help teammates at all. When becoming a hero, it is far more useful than an egg that cannot do anything even if it cannot be targeted by an enemy hero.

Changes experienced by Diggie are indeed not too many, but the effect will be to make this owl hero more useful to spy on enemy heroes who are nearby and very annoying

3. Chang'e rework

Finally, Chang'e got reworks that could potentially bring him to the Meta stairs, making his skills more sadistic and far more useful. Now Chang'e can be used as a damage dealer and the resulting magic attack is very high, no longer depending on passive skills. Plus, the passive effect can make him finish off opponents with just one ultimate! Don't believe, right?

Unfortunately, Chang'e's entire skill is now quite difficult regarding the opponent if it's not directed correctly. He also cannot lose the shield buff so that the magic damage is stronger. Without the buff, Chang'e is not useful.

4. Skin Burning Bow Miya Rework

Last but not least - except for Miya fans, maybe. Previously Skin Burning Bow didn't show any special effects; so that it doesn't get too much interest and people certainly prefer other skins with more interesting effects. But with this change, the Burning Miya is at least more valuable because it gets more colorful changes in effects.