5 Best PUBG Crossover So far!

Along the way, PUBG and PUBG Mobile games are known as a title that prioritizes a realism and serious atmosphere. However, in the past few months, it seems that the picture has begun to fade little by little. This can be seen from the five oddest crossovers PUBG in the history of this game.

1. TERA Online

Ga Nyangka! Ini Dia 5 Crossover PUBG Teraneh Sejauh Ini!

This is the last crossover announced by PUBG Corp, developer of PUBG. For some reason, they decided to work together with this popular MMORPG compared to other games. Is it because the title is in demand or just for a surprise factor, nobody knows but them.

To be sure, the collaboration between the two games is quite unique and unexpected to anyone. Later, TERA Online players will get special dungeons and costumes with PUBG themes. So far, it is not known whether the Battle Royale game will get content from TERA or not.

2. Deadmau5

Ga Nyangka! Ini Dia 5 Crossover PUBG Teraneh Sejauh Ini!

Have you ever heard of this one DJ? If not, then you are not the only one in the world. To be sure, this collaboration came because Deadmau5 is one of the streamers who very often plays PUBG on Twitch, a popular game broadcasting site.

Cooperation between the two parties came in the PUBG game itself. You can get a Deadmau5-themed costume that can be opened from a special box. Unfortunately, you can only get the Deadmau5 box if you subscribe to Twitch Prime.

3. Suicide Squad

Ga Nyangka! Ini Dia 5 Crossover PUBG Teraneh Sejauh Ini!

Suicide Squad is a film that tells the story of a collection of super villains in the DC universe who joined forces to defend the truth because they were threatened by Amanda Waller, a senior in the US intelligence bureau. Confusing? That is the attraction of this film and it seems that PUBG also sees it.

Similar to the collaboration with Deadmau5, the collaboration between Suicide Squad and PUBG will present a special film-themed costume. Unfortunately, the price of a limited edition set is very expensive. Just imagine, if you want to be Harley Quinn, you have to pay as much as USD 24.99 or the equivalent of IDR 350,000!

4. Resident Evil 2

Ga Nyangka! Ini Dia 5 Crossover PUBG Teraneh Sejauh Ini!

This is what is being warmed up among PUBG fans, especially Mobile. Tencent has indeed given a number of questions to the players for the coming of cooperation with Resident Evil 2 Remake from Capcom. And the result? You could say the best PUBG Mobile collaboration until now.

The collaboration between the two games resulted in a new mode for PUBG Mobile, Survive Till Dawn that will force you to deal with ferocious zombies beside other players. In addition, you can also get Leon's costumes, Ada and Claire by playing on this mode!

5. Mission Impossible: Fallout
Ga Nyangka! Ini Dia 5 Crossover PUBG Teraneh Sejauh Ini!

Not wanting to miss the hype of Mission Impossible: Fallout, PUBG just pulled a film starring Tom Cruise to work together. The best part of the collaboration between the two franchises is, of course, the distinctive music from the Mission Impossible series that will accompany you in the main menu.

In addition to the music, you will also have the chance to get the costume of Ethan Hunt, the main character from the Mission Impossible series. If you want a challenge in this game, PUBG provides a new mode called 'All-New Challenge' which will complicate the game mode of Team Rush and Survival!