7 Powerful Tips to Master Early Game in PUBG Mobile!

PUBG Mobile is a game that relies on the maximum benefits you have. How you start will determine your position at the end. Therefore, I will provide seven powerful tips for early mastery of games in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Rank 3.jpg

1. Master the Landing Place

Your landing site can be the key to victory that you have been searching for. With you master the field that you will target. You can guess where the weapons are in the place. However, you cannot know what weapons will spawn there.

In addition, you can also guess the approximate enemy will hide or do looting. If you have mastered the landing map, you can also find out the places that are difficult to do with the enemy so you can relax and scout where they are.

2. Be the First to Achieve the Goals

But no matter how much you master the field, if you don't become the first to reach your destination, you won't be able to take maximum potential from that place. This is because it was looted first by the enemy who reached the place faster than you.

But if you become the first to reach the destination then it is almost certain you will get the expected loot. Don't let you miss the loot in the desired place!

3. Pay Attention to Enemies Who Land Around

When you jump down to your destination, always pay attention to your surroundings whether there is a landing near the place or not. This is to ensure that you will get fresh loot without having to be afraid of interference from other enemies. If you know of an enemy around you, you can get ready to face them.

4. Use anything!

This is often the fault of PUBG players both on Mobile or PC. Too picky the weapons that will be used! If you land in a place where you are unlikely to get many weapons, your ability to use all weapons will be tested. Don't let you miss a weapon because you can't use the weapon.

Therefore, it is better for you to learn to use a variety of commonly obtained equipment such as UMP or S1897 Shotgun. In addition, you can also practice using grenades if you can't get a gun or another gun.

5. Take advantage of the Geographic Landing Area

Associated with the first point, you can use a geographical field a place for your superiority. Is there a tall tower? You can use the place to see the position of the enemy. But you can also stand under a plateau to avoid reconnaissance and also take refuge from enemy fire.

6. Find the enemy first

If you hear gunfire from the enemy at close range. It would be better for you to approach them than to avoid them. This is because they do not know that you are approaching when you are fighting another enemy. It could be that you actually get more than one kill from a series that uses the element of surprise.

7. Forget the First Blue Zone

Don't rush into the first Blue Zone! Your time to boot and perfect your equipment is very broad. Take advantage of this time as well as possible because, in the second Blue Zone period, your time will be less and will run out against enemies who try to approach you.