8 Ways to Increase BR Laplace M

Who of you have been addicted to the latest MMORPG game, Laplace M? This game, which was released in early March 2019, does have a lot of excitement in it, such as measuring strength, called BR, aka battle rating. This time, DuniaGames has tips on increasing the BR Laplace M so that you can become a top rank. What are you curious about? Check out more below.

Mau Jadi Top Rank? Ikuti 8 Tips Meningkatkan BR Laplace M Berikut Ini!

1. Exchange EXP with Skill Points

When you reach a different level stamp on each server, you can still get EXP even if you don't increase your level beyond the level cap. That's when you better exchange EXP with skill points so that your BR can be higher. Every time you increase your skill level, you get an additional around 600 BR. The more swaps, the higher your skills, and your BR will be higher.

2. As much Enhance Equip as Possible

When you have enough Spirals, buy the needed boost material according to your equipment, either Star Diamond or Moon Diamond. Enhance as much as possible and even if you have a lot of enhancing ingredients. Not only does it increase your character's BR, when total enhances reaches a certain amount, you will also get an additional aura as well as a significant amount of stats.

3. Reforge Equip to get the best options

When you reach a certain level, you will be able to refill equipment to change the item options available. Keep in mind, you can reforge purple or more rarity items. It is strongly recommended to reforge the Gold item up. Get options that match your job and strengthen items. Each level item requires different material and almost certainly your BR will definitely go up every time you do a reforge.

4. Install a High-Grade Guardian and Increase the Level

Not only equip, Guardians also have an important role to increase your BR. The higher your rarity guard, the more additional stats are given. Besides that, the Guardians who are participating in the fight are also getting stronger and increasing your strength.

Don't forget to increase the level of Guardian that you will use so that you will be more helpful when fighting.

5. Guardian Refine Skill

In addition to installing a high-grade Guardian, you can also refine using Lotus Fruit which can be obtained through the Treasure Map or Trade. If you are lucky, you will get a rare skill and increase the performance of your Guardian.

6. Prioritize Card Enhance With Rarity Gold or More

After completing the affairs of Guardian and equipment, you must not forget that the card also has an important role. Prioritize your characters using cards with rarity Gold or more so that your BR increases sharply. But you have to know also that in one equip, you can't use the same card. If there is a card that is the same as a card in weapon and the options are worse, you better just be the worst one.

7. Refine Gold or More Cards for Better Options

Besides enhancing the card, you can also refine the card for rarity Gold and above. To do this, you need Gold Stardust or Red Stardust depending on the rarity card. Later you will get a better option than before.

8. Increase Your Level As Fast As Possible

The last and most important thing is to increase your level as quickly as possible. Every day, Laplace M has a different level cap after the server is opened. Increase your level as quickly as possible because besides increasing your BR automatically, you will also open many new features and sockets to be equipped.

The higher the level, the more cards can be installed and the more dungeons to enjoy.