8 Ways to Install and Hang a Door Curtain

In order to look beautiful on the door, how to install curtains must be considered and done correctly. The reason is, door curtains that are not installed properly besides being unsightly are also possible to damage the parts of the curtain itself. You don't want to if the door curtains that originally looked beautiful just become tacky and disturb the view inside the house.

However, unfortunately, there are still many people who do not understand how to install good and right curtains. They tend to accept it properly by using installation services. For those of you with a limited budget, you certainly have to consider the option to install your own door curtain.

Well, for those of you who intend to install the door curtains themselves but don't know how to install door curtains that are good and right, Kania will review how to hang good door curtains!

Take measurements

Measuring Door Curtains

Properly measuring the door is a must thing to do in installing door curtains. If you don't measure it correctly, it can cause the curtains that have been installed to look like they don't match the door of the house. You have to determine the best distance to install so that the curtains look right on the size of the door. Make sure that the door width matches the width of the door curtain fabric that you want to use. Measuring doors properly are more efficient in terms of expenditure costs and time efficiency. You don't want to when you have bought door curtains but it doesn't match the size of the door at home?

Using a cloth that is longer than the size of the door

Size of Door Curtains

The way to install the next door curtain is to use a curtain fabric that exceeds the size of the door of the house. You can use door curtains that are up to the floor, but also don't overdo it so you don't get dirty easily. This needs to be considered about the door curtain, the length of the curtain must be adjusted to the size of the door. Houses with classic interior design, for example, need to wear door curtains that are long to touch the floor to further highlight the magnificent feel.

For a romantic look, leave the curtains 15 to 20 cm longer than the buffer to give an elegant look on the floor. The curtain panel must be wide enough so that when closed, it can be fully closed. The width of the panel itself should be 2 or 2.5 times compared to the width of the door.

Choose color

Color of Door Curtains

In addition to determining the design of curtains and curtains, color choices also greatly affect the look of the door of your home later. For door curtains, choose bright colors. Especially for the door of a house that is not too large, avoid wearing door curtains that are monochrome in color. Because this can make the room look stuffy. A few tips, try choosing white,  dusty pink, peach, or other calm colors.

Select buffer

Door Curtains Buffer

After measuring the door and determining the door curtain design to be installed, the next step in installing door curtains is to choose the type of buffer for the curtain. The selection of this door curtain buffer cannot be done carelessly and must be adjusted to the curtain design and the shape of the door itself.

Make sure the curtain support is wide enough so that when it opens, the inside edge of the curtain only covers the door frame and not the entrance. You can also look for various references first to determine the right type of buffer according to the door design and curtains that are your choice.

Perforate the wall of the buffer properly

Check Door Curtains

The next step in installing door curtains is to punch holes in the wall that will be used as a place to install the support. You can use an electric drill so the hole is small but the results are stronger and not easily separated. With the use of an electric drill, you will also get a place to install a neater buffer. If you are installing your own door curtains for the first time, manual methods such as using a hammer should be avoided because usually the results are not neat and can actually damage the walls of the house.

Attach the door curtain fabric

Installing Door Curtains

After the support is firmly installed, the next step is to install the curtain cloth. Door curtain fabric should be installed in a rather high position so as to create a wider room impression. This is important to do, especially if the room is narrow in size. Hanging the door curtain is too short, including an error in installing the door curtain. Make sure you also put the lights near the curtains as lighting.

Hanging the door curtain in the correct position

Position of Door Curtains

The position of hanging door curtains must also be considered. Door curtains should be hung halfway between the top of the door and the ceiling or higher. The right place for the installation of iron rod curtains is under the sky. With you installing the door curtain higher it will create a visualization of the room that looks taller and wider. It doesn't matter if it has to exceed the upper door frame.

Check neatness and cleanliness of door curtains

Cleanliness of Door Curtains

Before actually attaching the door curtain to the support, the last step in installing door curtains is to check again whether the curtains are neat or not. If it is still wrinkled or dirty, you can clean and tidy it up before installing it.

You also need to be careful and careful because not all curtain fabrics can be ironed so you have to be careful to install door curtains with certain types of fabric.

Now with unlimited people's creativity, door curtains that were previously identified to classic designs now come with door curtains in various styles. Starting from curtains with a simple design and lighter to unique motifs, so it is suitable for application in the house. Which door curtain is your favorite?