Acne Map on Female and Male Face

Acne is one of the skin problems that aren't just annoying for both male and female. Furthermore, acne can also make us feel less confident and inferior. But you know, it turns out the presence of pimples on the face can show your health. When pimples appear on the face, this can guess your health and the cause of the appearance of these zits.

Quoted from the allforfashiondesign.com page, based on traditional Chinese medicine the presence of pimples on the face will show health problems in our body. And to clarify it all. The following is a picture of a map of acne on the face.

Here's the explanation from the picture above:

Forehead: Acne located on the forehead is related to the health of the bladder and small intestine. If there are pimples on the forehead, it means there is an imbalance or problem in the bladder as well as the small intestine. The cause of acne on the forehead itself is usually caused because we eat foods that are difficult to digest. Not only that, but acne on the forehead is also caused by a bad habit of consuming alcoholic beverages, sugar, too many staying up late and stressed. To overcome this yourself, we only need to drink lots of water, avoid fatty foods, multiple eating vegetables, and fruit, avoid alcohol or other unhealthy drinks and have enough rest.

Between Eyebrows (Upper Nose) and Side of Eyes: Acne located in this area shows that we are experiencing liver health problems. The reason is that we eat too much meat, fatty foods or are allergic to certain types of food. To overcome this, we need to eat healthy and fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables, be in a place that has fresh air, do enough exercise or yoga, drink lots of water and avoid feeling stressed.

Under the Eye: If there are pimples under the eyes, chances are there is a problem with the kidneys. Usually, the appearance of zits in this area is caused by bad habits of smoking, consumption of alcoholic drinks, dirty facial skin and because of suffering from a weak heart. To overcome this, we need to wash our face well and make sure the face is always clean, reduce smoking, reduce consumption of alcoholic and sweet drinks, drink enough water and avoid stress. If acne grows more and more, it is advisable to see a doctor.

Around the Nose: Acne that appears in the nose usually indicates that a person is experiencing health problems in the heart. The cause of this acne itself is due to air pollution, damp closed rooms, digestive problems that make the intestines or stomach become swollen, lack of breathing in fresh air and unhealthy eating patterns. To overcome this, do enough exercise, make sure that getting a good oxygen intake, consuming green tea poison in the body out, check blood pressure and reduce excess cholesterol in the body.

Cheeks and Chin: Acne that appears in this area shows that we are experiencing problems with the lungs. From research by several scientists, the causes of acne are due to asthma, air pollution, bad smoking habits and lack of gestures. To deal with it quite easily, we only need to stop the bad habit of smoking, try to be in a clean and fresh place and far from pollution, start doing sports and wash our face clean every time we want to sleep at night.

Ladies, that's some location of zits that can reveal your health. When you know the location of zits, the causes and how to overcome them, our hope is that we can avoid acne problems. Hopefully, this information is useful. If you have acne that is severe enough on your face, do not hesitate to do an examination at the nearest doctor or clinic.