How to Choose the Right Guild Ragnarok Eternal Love

Who is still diligently playing Ragnarok Eternal Love? According to rumors, Ragnarok Eternal Love will open WOE in the near future. So, it is highly recommended that you immediately enter the Ragnarok Eternal Love guild that is proven to be able to compete on WOE. But before that, what is this WOE? How come people are waiting for this feature?


WOE stands for War of Emperium, the term for war between guilds in the world of Rune-Midgard in the world of Ragnarok Eternal Love. WOE is fighting over several castles scattered in the cities of Prontera, Payon, Geffen, and Al De Baran.

To be able to participate in WOE, you must enter a guild first. On this occasion, Dunia Games will discuss tips on choosing the right guild before WOE starts.

1. Guild level

First, check the guild level you want to go to. The guild level is very influential on how active guild members are and also the number of facilities available. The greater the guild level, it can be ascertained that the guild has many active members, as well as the full range of high-level facilities.

2. Guild facilities

The guild facility is divided into four types, namely Vending Machine, Paint Litter, Sewing, and Bar. The facility has a level that can be improved by donating various kinds of rare materials and equipment. The higher the level of facilities, of course, the more profitable - can make and provide a lot of equipment so that you become stronger.

3. Number of Active Members

No less important, you must pay attention to the number of active members in the guild. How do you want to win the War of Emperium if the guild members are quiet? Therefore, the more active members, the more guaranteed it will be to win the War of Emperium.

Well, that was three tips for those of you who want to choose the best guild to follow the War of Emperium. Next, Dunia Games will outline some of the benefits of entering and becoming part of the Ragnarok Eternal Love guild.

1. Get Contribution Points and Gold Medal

After you join the guild, the most important thing you must have first is Aesir Monument. Aesir Monument is a collection of various runes that are one of the main factors in strengthening your character.

Now, to fill this rune, you will need contribution points and Gold Medals and you can only get it from donating a number of rare materials to the guild. You must diligently donate to the guild so that all runes are opened and you are more powerful.

2. Headgear Refine

Refining headgear is not the same as refining weapons, shoes, robes, or armor. Headgear refine must go through one guild facility called Sewing. With this facility, you can strengthen your headgear and your character will become stronger automatically.

3. Blessing Guild (Pray)

This one facility can also strengthen your character and can only be used when you join a guild. The increased status after getting the Blessing Guild is permanent. The effect is not playing, doing Pray can increase your character's attack power.

4. Valhala Ruins

Valhalla Ruins is a type of dungeon that is in a guild and contains a number of monsters MINI and MVP. Exploring this dungeon can only be with one guild friend. Besides being able to get rare material, you also get the Nibelung Shard which has many important uses.

5. God Item

You can only get God Items if your guild wins WOE. As the name implies, this God Item has extraordinary status and effects, like the items belonging to the gods.

That's the benefit you can get by joining a guild. Have you found the right guild for the War of Emperium?