How to Make Tortillas Using Jicama with Whole Foods

JICAMA TORTILLAS is the best accessory you have never heard of. All you need for a flour or corn tortilla is the ultimate, crisp and versatile container, but these babies are mainly made of raw plant chars.

Last week, when we made this disassembled guacamole table for Cinco de Mayo, we doubled those simple hydration tortillas - nothing but shaved jicama leaves. While we were filled with avocado, herbs and fresh vegetable garnishes, we quickly envisioned a world of cooking options. Balanced hand-eating.

We first found Jicama tortillas prefabricated with Whole Foods (wow!), But to make them at home, the simplest process possible. Are you afraid of Mandolin? I know why did you think you dismantled? Because good mandolin is not scary. Try this technique with some care, maybe use one or two YouTube video tutorials!


Peel the entire outer root (18 to 20 tortillas)

How to Make it

Cut the end off the peeled Jicama to fit the mandolin. Usually 4 inches. Place the mandolin in the brightest spot and carefully slice the Jicama. (Each setting is different for each mandolin. If you are skinny, use the second lowest setting.) Fill and Eat Fill!