How to Make Various Foods Using Yucca Root

It's not a staple food in most American homes, but Yucca is a versatile and delicious meal that's something else for lunch or dinner - and it's good for you. Like other starchy vegetables, it can be served as desired with fried, roasted, grilled or mashed potatoes. This desert plant, also called manioc, is grown in the arid areas of North America. You will find it in many supermarkets and grocery stores in the form of fresh or frozen.

How to Cook and Serve Yuca Root

Yucca baked in the oven

Oven-baked Yucca is a tasty and healthy alternative to French fries. It is easy to do and offers good accompaniment for hamburgers and chickens. Chop with a freshly peeled yucca and cook until the fork is tender. Transfer the softened Yucca section to a chopping board and cool. First, cut yucca into french fries and remove the wood core first. Put the fried potatoes on the cooked towel, spray with more cooking spray and season with sea salt, freshly ground pepper or other spices. Cover with foil and place in a hot oven for a few minutes. Remove the foil and bake until the Yucca brood is golden brown and crispy.

Mashed Yucca

Make a batch of porridge yucca for a delicious and healthy side dish. It takes a while and the texture is not exactly the same as mashed potato with garlic, lime or other spices that you like, but you'll be back for a few seconds. Make mash yucca as well as potatoes. Cook the chopped fresh Yuka or peel it until it is soft and broken. Drain it and remove it from the cutting board. Halve Yucca and remove the wood core. Put the yuca pieces back in the same pot and chop them with milk and your favorite taste. Add milk as needed to give Mash Doyu the desired consistency.

Grilled yucca

Throw it on the grill with the other vegetables and enjoy the delicious charcoal grill flavor. Use fresh and peeled yuca that have been cut into several pieces with the core removed. Cook the pieces until tender and add to a chopping board to cool. Scrub with olive oil, season with sea salt and pepper and bake a small piece of yucca on both sides for a few minutes. Likewise, baked yucca with a variety of sauces or spices is a popular rare and interesting side dish for your weekend barbecue.

Boiled water

Add boiled yucca to other ingredients to make a starter or a tasty side dish. Cook frozen yuka or freshly cut yuca until it softens. Drain the yuka and place it on the serving plate. On any spice or sauce, you like. Try a delicious mix of garlic and lime juice or try mango and pepper chutney. Yucca is low in fat and sodium, contains no cholesterol and is a source of protein and fiber.