List of 3rd Job Preview in Ragnarok Eternal Love

Over time, Ragnarok Eternal Love will surely come with lots of interesting updates. One of the most awaited updates is an upgrade from the existing Job, the 3rd Job. Surely this 3rd Job Ragnarok Eternal Love will be very great, has a very strong attack, and its appearance is super cool. Instead of waiting a long time to see 3rd Job at Ragnarok Eternal Love regional SEA, it's better to check the strongest Job preview set below!


10. Rune Knight

Rune Knight is the 3rd Job of a Knight. This job no longer uses Peco Peco as the amount, but rather a dragon. With the skill that Job has, the Rune Knight is ready to overwhelm the enemy with great physical damage.

9. Royal Guard

The job that has the most 'rhino' defense is, of course, the Royal Guard. The 3rd Job of the Crusader is able to withstand other players' when PVP or WOE. Defense This job is like it can't be penetrated at all.

8. Ranger

The 3rd Job from Archer, Ranger has a fast and strong attack. Unlike the Sniper who uses Falcon birds to attack, the Ranger actually uses the help of a large wolf named Warg. Warg can also ride a Ranger.

7. Warlock

Warlock becomes the strongest magic user Job in Ragnarok Eternal Love. 3rd Job is divided between two roles, namely Instant Caster or Crowd Controller. Warlock has the ability to store magic that can be released instantly later.

6. Arcbishop

Arcbishop is the highest Job of the Priest class. This job has a variety of skills from which can provide buffs for party members to Holy skills with high attack power.

5. Shura

Continuation of Job from Champion, Shura has skills that are not possessed by the two previous Job, namely the skill type Area of Effect (AOE). Shura is one of the main keys to winning WOE.

4. Genetic

It can be said that Genetic is a job that is quite difficult to play and requires high dedication to its players but is comparable to the strength they produce. Genetic was able to defeat the MVP monster alone.

3. Mechanic

This 3rd Job is a very unique Job. Mechanic focuses his attack on the robot he built. Even cooler, you can climb the robot. Unfortunately, building Mechanic requires a lot of money.

2. Shadow Chaser

Shadow Chaser is an advanced Job from Rogue. This job is indeed the skill skill disappeared. Shadow Chaser can eliminate itself perfectly and give debuff to the enemy. He is also able to sneak into the shadow of the enemy.

1. Guillotine Cross

When Assassin Cross changed to Guillotine Cross, there was the ability of the Assassin class to come out. With a very fast attack plus poison, the Guillotine Cross became very feared when PVP and WOE.

That was a preview of ten kinds of 3rd Job. The previews were taken from the gameplay of the Chinese regional Ragnarok Eternal Love players whose updates were indeed far ahead of the SEA region.