New Hero Esmeralda in Mobile Legends: The First Mage Tank That Can Steal Enemies Shield!

Esmeralda Mobile Legends is the first mage/tank hero released in the game. He has the ability to manipulate shields. This hero is very unique because all the damage produced can penetrate the shield so that buying Athena's Shield items, Rose Gold Meteor, or even Aegis battle spells is almost useless when facing it.

Not to mention its ability to turn an HP into a shield and absorb enemy shields makes it very difficult to kill. If it's not quickly overcome, Esmeralda is almost impossible to kill, even though there are five heroes. Those were some of the advantages of Esmeralda in the game. Want to know more about this one woman tank? Check out the following statistics for heroes and fighting abilities.

Hero Statistics

Heropedia Esmeralda Mobile Legends, Mage Tank Pertama yang Bisa Nyolong Shield Musuh!

From the picture above, it does look mediocre because everything looks half-way. But the damage he produces is indeed both; physical and magical damage both in basic attack or skill. The attack is also very deadly because it can pierce the shield and make shielding items as mentioned above useless before him.

The damage that is generated is not messing around when it reaches a high level and gets various spell vamp items. Cooldown skill is also very short and has several control effects such as bind and slow to prevent enemies from escaping from it.

But it is unfortunate that he does not have the skills to approach the enemy other than the ultimate so it is easy to work on. The ultimate casting time is slow and very easy to avoid. If the enemy has item penetration and anti-heal, Esmeralda can be overwhelmed in the game.

Hero Ability

Heropedia Esmeralda Mobile Legends, Mage Tank Pertama yang Bisa Nyolong Shield Musuh!

Frostmoon Shield - Skill 1 (Active): Esmeralda calling shield depends on the amount of magic damage and increases movement speed. After that, he will steal the shield of the enemy around to be his own.

Stardust Dance - Skill 2 (Active): Esmeralda swings Stardust and Frostmoon to produce some damage. Stardust will produce physical damage and Frostmoon produces magic damage. Making damage to the enemy will reduce the cooldown of the Frostmoon Shield skill.

Falling Starmoon - Ultimate: Esmeralda unites the power of Stardust and Frostmoon. The longer the charge is carried out, the more damage the damage will result. After removing the charge, Esmeralda will throw Stardust into the target area and produce physical damage. Then, Esmeralda will move to the target area and generate magic damage while providing a binding effect to the enemy in the area.

Starmoon Casket - Passive: Esmeralda produces two types of damage from a basic attack; physical damage and magic damage. When an enemy is hit by Frostmoon (magic damage), the enemy will get a total of 150% shield from Frostmoon's damage. All damage from Esmeralda will penetrate the shield and change the shield to HP after a while.

That was the Heropedia Esmeralda Mobile Legends this time. For the record, the entire shield that he gets will be able to be changed into a cellphone. When dying, just spam the Frostmoon Shield to fill the HP slowly with a small cost. Good luck in the game!