New Map of Erangel in PUBG

Since March 5, 2019, various leaks have emerged about the changes to one of the PUBG folders, namely Erangel, on the Reddit forum. The PUBG trial server players immediately collect data and disseminate their findings through an image; indicates that there will be a variety of new updates, including field adjustments and an increase in the location of the third tier loot site.

This leak was confirmed directly by the PUBG Corp developer who said that they would indeed balance the loot and make Erangel the first map to be overhauled. The following is a comparison of the location of the loot tier, three versions of Erangel, past and future versions.

Peta Erangel PUBG Bakal Alami Perubahan, Seperti Apa Bentuk Barunya?

PUBG Corp also said that they would soon test this latest Erangel map in the coming weeks.

You need to remember, not all leaks that appear on Reddit are confirmed by the PUBG, you know. Even so, you certainly are still enthusiastic about the changes that will occur in this popular Battle Royale game, right?

Changes like this are also a very good way to keep the game system developing for the better. It is hoped that by bringing a map change like this the players who move to Fortnite and Apex Legends can return to playing PUBG.