PUBG Mobile Weapons: SCAR-L vs. AKM, Which One is Better?

A few months ago, DuniaGames had discussed the debate between AKM vs. M416 and Vs Mini-14 SKS. Each of these meetings has different results where M416 wins against AKM due to the flexibility of the weapon while in other debates both end in a draw. This time, we will discuss the mystery of PUBG Mobile weapons: SCAR-L vs. AKM, which one is better?

PUBG Scar 3.jpg

SCAR-L, Wind Powered Rifles, United States Military Favorite!

Misteri Senjata PUBG Mobile: SCAR-L Vs AKM, Mana yang Lebih Diandalkan?

This assault rifle is a weapon that is a mainstay of US military forces thanks to its ease of use. Even though it has a mediocre rate of fire, a low recoil makes the SCAR-L ideal for beginners or those who have been involved in PUBG for both mobile and PC.

Even you can use Full Auto mode with Scope x4 and recoil from this weapon is still safely controlled. In addition, SCAR-L has a minimum falloff damage distance that is far compared to other AR so that this weapon can be used for single-tap enemies in the distance.

However, SCAR-L has a fairly slow bullet speed so you have to make different estimates to do single-tap at a distance of 200 meters compared to other AR. In addition, the damage from this weapon is equivalent to M416 with a lower rate of fire so that the DPS from this rifle is not too large. SCAR-L is a balanced weapon and does not have striking advantages and striking disadvantages.

AKM, Myriad Damage With Potential Rate of Fire.

Misteri Senjata PUBG Mobile: SCAR-L Vs AKM, Mana yang Lebih Diandalkan?

In PUBG, the AKM still has characteristics that are more or less similar to those in other FPS games. His trademark is high recoil but has a lot of damage. AKM also has other weaknesses which are very inflexible in the sense that there are only a few ways to play using this weapon.

AKM also does not have many attachments that can be installed. Noted there are only three types that can be used, namely Magazine, Muzzle, and Scope. Therefore, you have only a few options to lower the recoil of this weapon. Moreover, the firing speed of the AKM is also relatively low for AR size, therefore the DPS produced is also not large.

However, in essence, this weapon is very strong and dangerous in the hands of expert players. Weaknesses in recoil and rate of fire will have no effect if you are in a rare medium battle (100-150 meters) that is very concerned with great damage. By using the right scope and field, the AKM is a monster capable of tearing apart enemies like paper.

Who Wins?

Finding who won seems to have been seen from the description above. The author states that SCAR-L is the winner of the contest between the two because it is able to be used in many situations. These wind-powered weapons provide certainty when used as a primary weapon and can also be relied upon as a secondary weapon.

However, AKM is also capable of being used for certain situations. Ranging from close combat to medium range shootouts thanks to the damage from this weapon. Unfortunately, you have to control your shots so that your recoil is still under control.

That is the result of the debate between which is better between SCAR-L and AKM. According to you, is it true that SCAR-L is better than AKM? Or is it that you like AKM more than the wind-powered rifle?