Review Saturn Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask

Not too long ago, Riley released Saturn's sulfur acne treatment mask on Sunday. As a person who suffered from acne for many years, I was interested in this sulfur mask. One review I wanted to buy came from Mariah Leonard, one of my beauty youtubers. After reading Mariah's account of successful acne treatment in Saturn, I quickly learned more about this mask.

On the Sephora US website, the Sunday Riley Saturn Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask is priced at the US $ 55 for 60 ml. It is referred to as a "fast-acting sulfur treatment mask" that helps prevent multiple forms of sulfur. , Saturn also contains niacinamide 4%, 1% zinc PCA, "very strong" tea tree oil, bentonite clay, and manuka oil. It is believed that almost all drugs affect the acne of this mask. Saturn can be used not only as a flushing mask but also to treat acne overnight.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.46.49 AM

It treats various forms of acne, including blocked, dense pores, inflammatory acne, hormonal acne and acne Standardized for High Levels of Terpinene-4-ol Formulated with Manuka Oil Powerful tea tree oil provides a smooth after each use clear skin tone. "

His claims about the treatment of hormone acne are increasingly tempting me. I have read the review of this mask and there were 72 reviews on the Sephora website by 19 September 2017, 94% stated 4 or 5 stars. Only four reviews that are rated poorly because the smell of this mask is not that delicious. Not only are I interested in the 68 reviews of those who have successfully used these masks, I also wonder, "Is there a possibility of an agent that does not show a negative response?"

Look for reviews on YouTube and blogs. Obviously, few people discuss Sunday's Riley-Saturn mask. The videos and posts I saw were either sponsored or just a first impression. For me, the first impression of skincare products is not enough to be helpful. Finally, I found it in the Reddit Skincare Addiction Subforum. Not only the reviews that I found but also those who asked customer reviews, were almost perfect.

Some Redditors found that Sephora deleted or did not display this review of the Saturn mask. People who used Saturn tried to post a rating of 2 to 3, but the rating disappeared immediately after the post. There was a red editor that was able to save screenshots of some low-rated reviews before Sephora was removed. As a result, the skin becomes redder, very dry and peels off. It is hot


Why do not you want Sephora to give you an honest assessment that will actually help you? In my opinion, even if only one out of 50 people has experienced chemical burns, this can be used for future buyers in return. Moreover, burns are not an insignificant problem. An editor with the Beauty Insider username also tried to publish this issue on Instagram by tagging Sephora and Sunday Riley. Unfortunately, this post was immediately deleted from Instagram.

In addition to the screenshots, I also monitored Saturn's Customer Reviews section on Sephora US. At 10:00 on September 19, 2017, there is a review that a new 1-star rating has been released. The complaint is the same, this customer has suffered a chemical burn. But on 22nd September I checked again, this rating disappeared suddenly.

Lately, righteous reviews of beauty products have often been considered "unloved language" or jealousy. It's natural that some people do not fit in beauty products, but that's no exception to selling best-selling products. The skin care is also personal and the possibility of a reaction depends on each person. Why are you hiding the truth?

By dealing with customers, it is not impossible for Sunday Riley to become one of the most controversial beauty brands that enjoy a lot of hate.

Maybe I will try this sample size from Sunday Riley Saturn and see the results in my acne. Hopefully honest reviews can be better valued in the future as reference material and not in the form of bribes (that sounds very extreme).