[REWORK] New Estes in Mobile Legends: The Best Healer

Estes is a support hero in Mobile Legends that resembles an elf with extraordinary healing abilities. To get this hero, you can buy it at a shop for 24,000 battle points, equivalent to 499 diamonds. Estes is one of the heroes with healing area abilities besides Rafaela.


His supportability is extraordinary his ultimate blessing is able to heal teammates quickly. Plus it has a passive effect that can hurt enemies in certain areas. Not to mention since the change in the effects of the first skill made it a match for marksman heroes or fighter with super high damage.

Want to know more about the abilities of this elf king? Let's look at the hero statistics and fighting abilities below.

Hero Statistics

[REWORK] Heropedia Estes Mobile Legends, Healer Terbaik yang Bisa Bikin Basic Attack-nya Sendiri Tambah Pedih!

The statistics above do not show a special number considering Estes is a support hero. But his healing ability cannot be underestimated. As already explained, healing a cell's HP is not a difficult thing for Estes because the ultimate has a very large area. Aside from that, the offensive skills possessed are also quite good, making Estes able to help attack the enemy. He also received additional physical damage when healing his teammates.

The name hero support healer is identical to the low defense they have, so does Estes. A small defense makes it vulnerable to being targeted by a hero who can kill quickly like Aldous, Eudora, or Leomord. If not careful, Estes who dies first can be a big matter for team-mates. Not to mention if the enemy already has anti-heal items such as the Deadly Blade or Necklace of Durance, the healing effect will decrease dramatically and become less useful for the team.

Hero Ability

[REWORK] Heropedia Estes Mobile Legends, Healer Terbaik yang Bisa Bikin Basic Attack-nya Sendiri Tambah Pedih!

Moonlight Immersion (Active) - Skill 1: Heal a number of HP instantly and connect Estes with a friend hero who is the target for 3 seconds, then heal a number of HP slowly. While connected, Estes will get additional physical damage depending on the stats of the partner (the effect increases depending on the skill level) and increases the speed of charge Code of the Moon Elves. If it is too far away, this skill will be released and all heal and additional damage effects will be canceled.

Domain of Moon Goddess (Active) - Skill 2: Reduce large amounts of moonlight to the target area. Generate magic damage to enemies in the area. After that, moonlight will become the domain area. Enemies that touch the domain boundary will be affected by the slow for a while.

Blessing of Moon Goddess (Active) - Ultimate: Estes becomes king of the moon for 8 seconds, enhancing the Moonlight Immersion skill effect. After using the Blessing of Moon Goddess, Estes will give the Moonlight Immersion effect to all of the closest teammates and heal them slowly. All physical damage additional effects will be accumulated to Estes.

The Code of the Moon Elves - Passive: The Code of the Moon Elves will charge energy for Estes and increase his basic attack. Produces magic damage and gives a slow effect. The damage will spread to the area around the target and produce smaller magic damage to the enemies around.

That was the brief Heropedia of Estes. Remember to always be careful when using Estes because it will be the target of the enemy. Stay close to your hero tank or fighter and ask them to help you when you are chased.