[REWORK] New Rafaela Mobile Legends: the Angel with Killing and Healing Skills

Rafaela is the first support hero in Mobile Legends who is a beautiful angel with good healing abilities. To get Rafaela, you can buy it at the shop with just 6,500 battle points or the equivalent of 249 Tickets. Rafaela is a support hero who is able to heal teammates and make them move quickly for a while.

Her good ability with a large enough area makes her the most suitable support for the composition of aggressive teams. Stun and slow effects resulting from her skills can lock enemy movements and finish them mercilessly with team mates. Not to mention if she dies, Rafaela will make anyone dying die instantly from a certain distance.

That was some of Rafaela's strengths. Want to know more about this beautiful angel? Let's look at the hero statistics and fighting abilities below.

Hero Statistics

[REWORK] Heropedia Rafaela Mobile Legends, Malaikat Penolong yang Bakal Menghukum Pembunuhnya!

Based on the picture above, maybe Rafaela looks ordinary. But all of his skills cannot be underestimated. She has skills that provide additional movement speed when healing to her teammates for a few moments. She can also effect slow with his first skill, and good stun skills with a long duration through her ultimate skill, making Rafaela very influential in the game.

As a support hero, Rafaela is the softest hero in her class. She had low cellphone and defense so he must have been the damage moon of enemy dealers like Eudora or Aldous. With just a few combinations of skills from them, Rafaela can die instantly. However, since her passivity was changed she did not need to be afraid of being killed because of Rafaela if the enemy's HP was below 25 percent and killed her, then the enemy would die instantly unless someone was blocking her passive skill.

Hero Ability

[REWORK] Heropedia Rafaela Mobile Legends, Malaikat Penolong yang Bakal Menghukum Pembunuhnya!

Light of Retribution (Active) - Skill 1: Uses the power of holy light to produce magic damage to the 3 closest enemies. Get an enemy vision and slow effects in a short time. Each time about the same enemy will add a damage skill of 10% and can stack up to 5 times.

Holy Healing - Skill 2: Summons holy light to heal HP to itself and the most dying teammates. Heal fewer HP to other teammates and provide additional movement speed for 1 second.

Holy Baptism (Active) - Ultimate: Removes holy light in a straight line in front of it. Produces magic damage and gives a stun effect of 1.5 seconds.

Deity Penalization - Passive: When dead, Rafaela will punish the hero who killed her (the target must be at a certain distance). After charging for 2 seconds, Rafaela will fire punitive power at the enemy and generate true damage by 25% of the target HP's max. This skill can be blocked by a teammate (similar to ultimate Lesley) and only works on enemy heroes.