The Main Causes of Acne Can Be Known from Its Location!

When you hear the word zits definitely what comes to mind is a small lump on the face that makes the appearance less charming again. Acne has become an annoying thing for some people, especially for women.

Ternyata Penyebab Utama Jerawat Bisa Diketahui dari Letaknya di Wajah!

Especially if the zit doesn't go away, it often reappears. The thing to note is the location of the growth of acne because it is related to the cause of the acne. If it's so acne will be more easily overcome.

1. Acne on the forehead

Acne on the forehead is related to the digestive system. If your pimples appear on your forehead, you have to pay attention to your digestion. Paying attention to the food you eat is a way to overcome it.

Reduce processed foods such as junk food that contains lots of fat and drink lots of water. In addition, spicy foods and soft drinks should also be avoided.

2. Acne in the temples and around the ears

If the pimples that appear on the temples and around the ears are related to kidney health. You have to drink lots of water to overcome it. In addition to making your stomach health recover, you can consume garlic, red peppers, sprouts, cabbage, and apples.

3. Acne on the nose

Acne that appears on the nose is closely related to the heart. As is known that the heart is one of the most important organs in our body. The appearance of pimples on the nose indicates your heart health.

The fix is ​​you have to diligently exercise at least by jogging in the morning and don't forget to enjoy the fresh air. Foods that must be consumed are foods that contain lots of good fats such as omega-3 and omega-6.

4. Acne on the cheek

If on your cheeks pimples appear, your respiratory system is not good. The fix is ​​certainly by paying attention to the air you breathe. Avoid too long in environments where the air circulation is dirty, look for fresh air.

Regarding food, you must avoid foods that make the body acidic like meat, milk, alcohol, and caffeine. Also, avoid foods that make the body too hot by eating cold foods such as melons and cucumbers.

5. Acne on the chin

Acne on the chin is related to stress and hormonal changes. Usually for women when menstruating, pregnancy and adolescents who are puberty.

This hormonal change must be followed by good stress management. One way to get enough sleep is to drink lots of water and consume green vegetables.

6. Acne on the neck

Acne on the neck is a sign that your body is fighting bad bacteria to avoid illness. Therefore, the way to overcome it is to get enough rest, breathing exercises and drinking lots of water.

It turns out that the appearance of acne is closely related to the health of the body. So take care of your health so that acne can go far, huh.