The Reasons Why Job Merchant Ragnarok Eternal Love is Different from PC Version

Ragnarok Eternal Love is indeed a game that makes nostalgia for gamers in the world. But there are a number of things that make this nostalgia diminish, namely the presence of Job Merchant features that are different from the original Ragnarok Online PC version. Interestingly, this Job Merchant at Ragnarok Eternal Love is arguably an improvement from the original Job. Let's discuss together.


The first difference is that now Merchants are not an arbitrary job. They have high attacks, even higher than other first jobs. Maybe this is also the reason why Xindong as the main developer released Merchants later than the other five Job. Xindong wants all the jobs in this game to play solo, so they provide many new abilities.

Merchants now also have special capabilities based on Cart. If you play original Ragnarok Online, the ability of the Cart owned by the Merchant is only one, namely Cart Revolution. Even this ability is only addition that can be obtained by doing a Quest.

Xindong finally decided to add new capabilities called Cart Attack and Cart Remodeling. Indeed, a merchant, the Merchant is actually a mandatory character for every player. This is because the only way to offer goods easily is to use the vending system owned by the Merchant.

Unfortunately, because the buying and selling features in Ragnarok Eternal Love is indeed limited, Merchants cannot vend for now. Even though the vending system has been implemented in the Chinese version, the author himself has never tried it.

As for the changes themselves, Xindong also made several changes. The most prominent skill change is the appearance of Hammer Fall which is able to provide physical damage to the enemy.

This Hammer Fall skill initially only helped the Blacksmith in launching the stun area effect. But this time this skill became his main ability in raising levels.

The role of the Blacksmith that was previously famous in attack using fast attacks also changed. Now many new players know Blacksmith as a user of physical type AOE capabilities. Even though the Agility type Blacksmith (Adrenaline Rush) is actually still there.