The Use of Silver Medal Ragnarok Eternal Love and How to Collect it!

The Silver Medal Ragnarok Eternal Love may be one of the items that make you confused about what to use when you first play this game - just collect it and don't know what to do. So, the longer you play Ragnarok Eternal Love, the Silver Medal also accumulates. Precisely saving the Silver Medal is the right action because, in truth, this one item is very necessary when your character has reached the endgame phase.

So, what are the uses of this Silver Medal for? In order to answer this question, the author has collected a number of places that really need a Silver Medal. Come on, just take a look at the discussion below!

1. Enter Valhalla Ruin

Kegunaan Silver Medal Ragnarok Eternal Love dan Tips Mengumpulkannya!

Valhalla Ruin is a dungeon inside the guild. Because of its location within the guild, this dungeon can only be accessed by your guild members and of course resolved with your guild friends too.

Inside Valhalla Ruin there are five MINI monsters and MVPs. This dungeon guild has four difficulty levels, namely Valhalla Ruin level 40, level 60, level 80, and the most recent is level 100. Every opening of the Valhalla Ruin gate for any level requires 40 Silver Medals.

2. Buy a Peak Shard

Kegunaan Silver Medal Ragnarok Eternal Love dan Tips Mengumpulkannya!

Peak Shard is used to open job level limits, aka Job Breakthrough. With Job Breakthrough, your character's job level can reach 70. Opening three job levels require nine Peak Shards, while a Peak Shard requires 20 Silver Medals. In total, you will need 1,440 Silver Medals to reach job level 70.

You need to know too, job level 70 is a requirement to go up to the next job level. Imagine how important is Job Breakthrough and the Silver Medal are.

3. Buy PVP Items and Equipment

Kegunaan Silver Medal Ragnarok Eternal Love dan Tips Mengumpulkannya!

Finally, the Silver Medal can be used to purchase equipment from Arena Quarters in Prontera. But, buying PVP equipment should not be prioritized. It's better to spend the Silver Medal to buy a Peak Shard.

Those were the three places that needed the Silver Medal as a medium of exchange. You don't have to use it anymore, guys, just exchange the Silver Medal that is mounting.

How to Collect a Silver Medal

Kegunaan Silver Medal Ragnarok Eternal Love dan Tips Mengumpulkannya!

If your Silver Medal is up, you can collect it again in the following ways
  1. Mission Board Quest
  2. Monster Resistance Quest
  3. Training Ground
  4. Time Rift
  5. Endless Tower
  6. Guild Quest
  7. PVP Arena

So, make sure you do all the daily and weekly quests in Ragnarok Eternal Love to get as many Silver Medals as possible. To make it easier, check out the daily routine guide for Ragnarok Eternal Love in this version of the Games World.

If you don't have time to do all the daily quests, just use Meatball Adventure to buy various items that can instantly complete the dungeon.

You need to remember that collecting a Silver Medal isn't as free as possible. In one week, you can only collect a maximum of 80 Silver Medals if you are a non-premium player, while 100 Silver Medals are premium.

That's the fact and usefulness of the Silver Medal Ragnarok Eternal Love. Even though it's limited, you don't need to worry about running out of the Silver Medal quickly, unless you use it to open Valhalla Ruin. Hopefully, this guide helps you! Happy hunting!