Can Allergies be Totally Healed?

Allergy is a chronic condition that can recur at any time. If you have allergies, of course, you know very well that this problem is very disturbing and uncomfortable. Actually, allergies can be completely cured or not, right?

Why can allergies continue to recur?

Apakah Alergi Bisa Benar-Benar Sembuh Total?

Allergies occur when the body's immune system overreacts to something that should be harmless. Allergies can recur if triggered by the cause. Allergic causes are called allergens. Whether it's food, dust, animal hair, cold temperatures, drugs, or exposure to certain chemicals.

After the immune system meets the allergens, the body will begin to produce antibodies that trigger allergic reactions called immunoglobin E (IgE). Allergic reactions can appear quickly immediately after exposure to allergens or slower, can be 2-3 hours after exposure.

In this type of slow allergic reaction, as in the case of contact dermatitis, the body needs to spend more time producing IgE antibodies. During this time, allergens can enter many times without causing a reaction. However, when the frequency is getting more frequent to the limit, the body will then react and cause allergic symptoms.

So, can allergies recover completely?

In fact, there is no possibility to really make allergies completely cured, reported from Web MD. The idea of ​​totally treating allergies is just like having to change the work of the immune system in response to allergens that attack the body. Changing all these processes is very difficult, not as easy as turning off the cellphone and turning it on again.

However, that does not mean you have to surrender yourself in the face of this recurrent allergy. You should avoid the allergens you have as much as possible. For example by reducing out of the house during windy cloudy weather, sorting out the types of foods that do not trigger allergies, to routinely change the sheets at least once every two weeks.

Continue taking drugs that can help relieve your allergic symptoms. Whether it's over-the-counter medicines in pharmacies such as antihistamines, decongestants, or drugs prescribed by doctors. In this way, the risk of recurrence of allergies can be reduced to a minimum.

If needed, doctors will usually give creams, lotions, and other topical remedies if allergy symptoms cause intense itching, redness, and even swelling of the skin. Don't forget, always consult with your doctor about the condition you are experiencing.