10 Android Games that Are Not Boring, Until They Forget Time!

Have you ever felt bored playing one game continuously every day?
 Want to find a game that doesn't get bored quickly?
Playing games is very fun, but not all games can be played with fun every day.
Even so, there are also games that are still fun to play in a long time.
10 Android Games that Are Not Boring, Until They Forget Time!
The game that is not boring on Android, it's free to play!
Finding exciting games to play at this time is quite difficult, especially with a variety of new games that continue to be released in the near future. Unlike an old school game that is fun to play over and over again.
However, there are also some games that remain exciting if you play repeatedly over a long duration. Whether it's because of the help of online modes or addictive play styles.
Just like the following game that has an interesting playing style and not easy to get boring:
1. PES 2019
PES 2019 or short for Pro Evolution Soccer which was released for 2019. PES 2019 is a sports genre game with realistic graphics released by KONAMI.
PES 2019 is a very exciting football game played with an appearance that looks like the original, even the faces and skills of the players are similar to real football players.
You can play this game with friends online or on the same console. Making it one of the games that are not boring for you to play every day!
2. PUBG Mobile
Who does not know this one game?
PUBG Mobile is a mobile version of the phenomenal game PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. This game you can download for free on Android.
You can play alone, together, and foursome with your friends. The game is quite simple, you just have to survive until the end of the game.
There are various game modes in this game as well as various events that you can take part in to get various attractive prizes in the game.
Jaka is sure that PUBG Mobile is a game that is not boring for you to play with friends. Can forget the time!
3. Alto's Odyssey
Do you want to play a game that is light and has beautiful graphics?
One answer is Alto's Odyssey, this game has a simple playing style with charming graphics. You will become a skier who travels to various places.
Faced with a number of obstacles and high hills, the game will not end until you finally fall off the skiboard. You will return to the first location if you fall.
No wonder that Alto's Odyssey is one of those games that is not boring even though it is played every day. Steady!
4. Crossy Road
Now, if this Crossy Road action game has a very simple playing style and can be played by anyone. You are assigned to cross a road full of obstacles.
Starting from the highway that is traversed by a variety of cars, rivers, to the railroad tracks though. Not only playing alone, but you can also challenge your friends by playing multiplayer offline mode.
Crossy road is very exciting and challenging, so it can be one of the lists of games that are not boring on Android.
5. Asphalt 9: Legends
Asphalt 9: Legends is the latest Asphalt game which is provided free on Android and iOS. This game offers AAA graphics aka the equivalent of the console and PC games.
For the gameplay itself is different from the other Asphalt series, especially racing car games with other titles. This game offers an automatic motion experience. You only determine the direction of turning the car and NOS.
This game is very addictive for you who like automotive. Come on, play the game now guys!
6. Mortal Kombat
If this one game is quite phenomenal in various game consoles and PCs with the fighting game genre, Mortal Kombat. You can play 30 characters with each unique skill.
You can play this game alone or with friends all over the word online. You can also play with your friends on the same console.
Not only that, the final moment is Fatality which makes its own uniqueness for this one boring game. But remember, you minors don't play this game yet, okay!
7. Chess Rush
Chess Rush is a strategy game that is currently trending. You will play chess in a different style. This game can be played alone or with friends though.
Each game takes more than 10 minutes to complete. In addition, you can also play with friends in real-time and compete together.
Maybe you wouldn't think Chess Rush is a game that isn't boring even if it's played for a long time, so just try playing the game right away!
8. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Who doesn't know this Android game?
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the best MOBA game most played on Android.
Like other MOBA games, this game is very addictive. Especially with a large number of tournaments held in Indonesia making players want to become a pro player for Mobile Legends.
Although it has been released a long time, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a game that is not boring until now. Steady!
9. Plant Vs Zombies
Who is familiar with the game Plant Vs Zombies?
Since it was first released in 2009 in the PC version, this game has become very popular. Not only fun, but also safe for children to play.
You will be given 50 levels in Adventure mode as well as Survival mode which will give you the challenge to fight endless zombie attacks.
Plant Vs Zombies is a game that is not boring even though it has been played for a long time. Have you tried the game?
10. Magic Tiles 3
Finally, Magic Tiles 3 is famous for its exciting style of playing music and complete with famous songs all over the world. This game has a number of interesting themes with cool effects.
Not only playing alone, but you can also challenge other players around the world in online matches. When you start playing, you definitely can't stop.