10 Secret Looting Locations in PUBG Mobile, A Rare Item Paradise!

Do you often play PUBG Mobile games? Which looting location do you like the most? When playing PUBG Mobile, the first thing you have to do is find the best location to look for weapons and important equipment.
10 Secret Looting Locations in PUBG Mobile, A Rare Item Paradise!
Looting locations in PUBG Mobile are very diverse, ranging from buildings to warehouses though. However, not all locations have good loot .
Well, here are the secret looting locations that are rarely visited by players on purpose. Where are the locations? Come, see the following in full!
Secret Looting Locations on PUBG Mobile, Many Level 3 Items!
PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is one of the most famous battle royale games. Not only on the PC, but also mobile.
To win the game in the game, you must survive until you are left alone or your team is among 100 players.
Not only that, but there are also a number of other game modes that you can try.
When playing in classic mode, the first thing you need to do is look for good loot. Whether it's weapons, shields, or equipment to heal lives.
Finding a good loot location is quite difficult if you don't know the place. For your convenience, here Jaka will provide a number of hidden looting locations that are full of small items.
1. Mylta
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The location of the first secret looting is in the Erangel map, precisely in the east near the Mylta Power area. You will find a building like a warehouse.
This location is still rarely visited, you will find a variety of interesting loot you need, from armor to medical equipment.
In addition, weapons and accessories are also complete, ranging from pistols, rifles, SMG, sniper, scope, and compressors in one building.
Here there is also a hiding place between the pipe that attaches to the outside of the building, you can find enemies from this location.
2. Mongnai

Lokasi Looting Rahasia Di PUBG Mobile 2 5c5b0
Next up is Mongnai which is on the Sanhok map, this location is on the upper right side of the map close to the coast. Mongnai is filled with a number of coconut trees.
This location is perfect for you to visit at the beginning of the game because it has a good number and variety of weapons. You can find a number of Assault Rifles and their bullets here.
However, do not be too long in this location because it is open. If you have found the desired weapon, immediately go to another location for looting.
3. Radio Gatka
Radio Gatka 2e6f0

This Erangel Map has a hidden radio location, located west of Gatka. Radio Gatka is a radio transmitter building.
If you are close to this building during the initial plunge, you can go down on the roof, because it cannot be reached by stairs. There you can find rare weapons, such as SLR to Kar89K.
Not only that, but there are also a number of scopes with far zoom. Then in the building, there is also a lot of complete loot, ranging from shields, medical, to weapons accessories.
This location is also suitable for you to make as a place to watch for enemies around.
4. Miramar Secret Tunnel
Miramar Secret Tunnel 69bea

Now, if in Miramar there is a place located south of Los Leones, hidden between cliffs. This place is a long tunnel under the cliff.
You can find a number of loots that are quite good. You who play with friends are also suitable for visiting this location.
Loot that you can get is a variety of weapons, high-level shields, bags, scopes, weapon accessories, and medical equipment.
If this location is able for you to reach the beginning of the game, the Miramar Secret Tunnel will certainly be your first loot, gang.
5. Spy Station

Spy Station 082bd
Another secret place in Miramar is the Spy Station in the northern part of El Pozo. Unfortunately, this location is difficult for you to reach and there are cliffs that block.
However, this Spy Station has a number of rare loots, such as Scope x8, Kar89k sniper, Suppressor Sniper or AR, First Aid Kit, and various high-level accessories.
However, do not be too long in this location because it will not enter Safe Zone.
6. Erangel Hidden Place

Erangel Hidden Place 83bd0
Erangel Hidden Place is a looting location that is very difficult to find, the reason this location is always moving every time you play.
This location is usually found around a farm or hill in the western area of ​​the School. Although difficult to find, you will get a number of weapons and other loot which is very rare.
Erangel Hidden Place is also suitable for you to visit together with the team because there are enough weapons that you can find for four people. Steady!
7. Ladrilleria

Lokasi Looting Rahasia Di PUBG Mobile 7 91d8f
Ladrilleria is a location in the Miramar map, this location is near Chumacera. You will find a number of unfinished buildings.
This location is very rarely visited but has a very good amount of loot. Usually, M416 will appear along with the bullets.
Not stopping there, you will also get a number of level 2 shields here. Nice!
8. Los Leones Ruins

Lokasi Looting Rahasia Di PUBG Mobile 8 Baabc
Furthermore, it still exists in the Miramar map which is near the Los Leones area. To reach this location, you must move west of Los Leones.
These ruins are in the form of a building without a roof. You can find a number of rare weapons to shield level 3 though. In fact, you can find scope x6 here.
Make sure you explore this location to the roof of the house, yes. Unfortunately, this location does not provide a large amount of loot.
9. Cave

Lokasi Looting Rahasia Di PUBG Mobile 9 9581c
Turning to the Sanhok map, there is a cave that you can access through the side or roof. This location is very easy for you to find on the map with the name Cave .
When you get off the plane you can dive into this location through the roof. Cave has enough weapons for four people.
You will also find a jet ski that can be used to escape if an enemy comes.
10. Secret Loot Cave

Lokasi Looting Rahasia Di PUBG Mobile 10 Aaf94
Finally, there is a hidden location in Vikendi's map in the form of a large cave . Unlike Sanhok, this cave does not have a hole in the ceiling.
To get into this cave, you must hit a large rock that covers the entrance or uses a grenade. You can find a number of small weapons in the Secret Loot Cave .
However, do not try to enter it yourself if the cave path is open. Maybe there are enemies who have preceded you for looting. This location is in the western part of Peshkova.