15 of the Best Educational VR Games That Are Drivers of Technological Progress in the World of Education

When the tech market exploded, established companies and startups tried to be the first to take advantage of the "next big thing." For many people, that meant entering the Virtual Reality market, or more specifically creating learning materials through Virtual Reality game media. Because of this, many companies and startups are developing educational VR games, where schools and the public can decide what products they will use? This may seem like a simple choice, but making the wrong decision can cause you to lose a lot of hard-earned money, and hinder the user's intellectual growth and development. As you can see, the stakes are very high, and the margin for mistakes is very small.

15 of the Best Educational VR Games That Are Drivers of Technological Progress in the World of Education

Because we have handled this market for several years, we have predicted the best virtual reality game for you. That's why we decided to make a list of the best educational VR games so you can make the right decision. The game we choose has free or low-cost features, and we try to stay away from the more expensive options unless the value proposition is commensurate with the high price tag. Without further ado, here is a list of the best educational VR games on the market today.

1. Star Chart

With more than 15 million users, this application brings the universe a little closer. Students can learn about the constellations by pointing their cellphones to the night sky. There are additional features that allow students to interact with facts about planets and the discovery of space.

2. Google Translate

While conventional Google Translate might not sound like a VR application, with its new camera feature, students can translate 30 languages ​​by pointing their camera at the text they want to translate in real-time. This additional feature is very useful for students majoring in Language.

3. Apollo 11 VR

Be part of one of the most significant space expeditions. With VR technology, students can enjoy and study space through this documentary-style application. This award-winning application encourages the possibility of VR as a very sophisticated educational tool.

4. Sites in VR

Exploring famous landmarks and all its splendor is now easier, and we can enjoy without having to come to the location. This application contains several world landmarks such as Islamic buildings, tombs, and ancient cities, and makes it possible for students to be able to see sites that were previously difficult to access in real life.

5. Cleanopolis

Fighting climate change becomes interactive with this application. Students learn about CO2 and fight together with Captain Clean to save the world. Not only is the game fun but the quality of education will make it stand out and be useful in any science class.

6. Boulevard

Art classes can now be complemented by visits to some of the world's best art museums. Students can visit six art museums, interact with famous works of art and learn about art, all thanks to the advancement of VR technology.

7. Public Speaking VR

This application trains public speaking skills with a deep VR experience. With a photorealistic environment, students can prepare for job interviews or class presentations.

8. Earth AR

Earth AR helps see the globe from a new, unseen angle. With motion detection and zoom capabilities, making geography more interactive.

9. Imag-no-Tron

The story on the page of the book comes true with Imag-no-Tron. Downloadable content makes this application suitable for all ages. This application improves reading skills while engaging with interactive images that make the VR world an Educational space.

10. InMind

An application that displays neurons and brain tissue realistically. You can learn about the anatomy of neurons and brain tissue in Virtual Reality with this amazing application.

11. TiltBrush

Making 3D paintings is every artist's dream, and now with TiltBrush, that dream will come true. Painting is done using a hand-held "paintbrush", and the possibility of creation will be very broad and inspiring for every creative student.

12. 4D Anatomy

4D Anatomy can help you study the anatomy of the human body with clear and lively images. Ideal for biology students or anyone interested in studying systems in the body.

13. EON Experience

This VR application summarizes all lessons ranging from physics to history. Students or teachers can create VR-based learning material from content that has been previously loaded.

14. Discovery VR

Discovery VR contains all content from the Discovery TV channel. Through this VR application, students can explore exotic nature with a very immersive VR experience.

15. Animal Alphabet Flashcards

This application is made for children who are still learning to read, this immersive flashcard game teaches words to students while displaying various colorful animals to make it more interesting.