4 Hero Mobile Legends The More GG in Patch Update 1.3.98

Moonton has updated patch 1.3.98 on Advance Server Mobile Legends last week. However, the patch has not been opened on Public Server.

4 Hero Mobile Legends The More GG in Patch Update 1.3.98

Reportedly not a single hero was hit. In fact, there are four heroes who get buffs and make it even more terrible.
Then, who are the heroes hit by the update patch 1.3.98 Mobile Legends? let's see below:

1. Bane

Reportedly the hero Fighter Bane will get a buff in ultimate skill. Yes, the ultimate damage skill ratio to the turret increased to 40 percent from originally only 25 percent.

2. Tigreal

Then the Tigreal Tank hero also gets a buff on his Mana usage on his Attack Wave skill. Well, in this latest update, the amount of Mana used in skill 1 will be reduced to 10 points at each level.

3. Aurora

Hero Mage Aurora also gets a buff. Yes, skill 2 Aurora will increase to 470 * skill level * 60, from the beginning only 350 * skill level * 80.

4. Hylos

Lastly is the Tank hero named Hylos. He gets a buff in skill 2 (Ring Punishment) to become 30/40/60/90/120/150, from 30/60/90/120/150/180.

Well, those are the four heroes who will be even more terrible in the 1.3.98 Mobile Legends patch update. Already have the heroes above? If you don't have it, you should buy it.

In addition to the four heroes above, in the 1.3.98 patch update released on the advance server, Bruno hero gets revamp for skill 1 and ultimate.

For skill 1 (Volley Shot), initially, the player must aim ‘shoot‘ or attack at the enemy. But, in this update, skill 1 is similar to enhanced by Hanabi and Kimmy.

 Then, in the Ultimate (Wave of the World Animation) which is nerf. Now the Ultimate is only able to jump up to 10 times but has increased damage.

Revamp on Bruno seems to be useful for attacking. Because skill 1 is able to lock an opponent. In addition, the Ultimate makes Bruno more aggressive in attacking.