5 Best Android Games Themed Visual Novels

There is a wide selection of game genres on mobile that you can play. Start of action, RPG, until the puzzle, all ready to be an option for you to spend time. Well, it turns out there is a genre that is less popular but promises interesting entertainment for you who have high patience. What else if not a visual novel?

 5 Best Android Games Themed Visual Novels

Bringing dialogue, character design, and compelling stories, this one genre of the game does not really sell for gamers who like exciting gameplay and brain triggering. All you have to do is click to continue to bring up new dialogs, audio, and graphics. There are also moments when you have to make one of the choices present. That choice will determine what ending you get.

Here I present seven Android-themed visual novel games that you must really play!

1. ACE Academy (2016)

The visual novel game released by PixelFade Inc. This takes the setting of the modern era, precisely in 2049. In this period, the mecha comes with the nickname GEAR which is useful for military purposes, the sports industry, and other jobs. Because of GEAR's popularity, there is a university that specializes in developing this robot, the ACE Academy.

According to the narration, the protagonist you are playing is a transfer student in an alternative Japanese universe. Many interesting elements are present at ACE Academy. Some of them are love stories (of course), elements of science fiction, as well as hundreds of choices in determining the storyline that leads to a series of different endings.

The experience in playing this Android-themed visual novel game is quite immersive and charming. You will not be disappointed when you are lost in the narration at ACE Academy. To play, you have to spend Rp27,000. This figure includes a discount from the beginning of Rp139 thousand.

2. Amnesia: Memories (2015)

From the narration carried, it seems that the Android visual novel game produced by Idea Factory targets female players. The reason is, you will play the protagonist of a girl who loses memory, aka amnesia. On the way to restore memory, you have to choose one of five guys who are 'targeted'. After that, enjoy the adventure in reaching the man of dreams by increasing chemistry. This can be done by choosing the right dialogue and finding a romantic place.

The five chosen men had different personalities. In total, there are 20 ending choices that you can get, depending on the storyline you are following. Amnesia: Memories has an advantage in the attractive plot, enchanting visuals, and characters who easily steal sympathy.

3. The Letter (2017)

The Letter is an interactive game that is thick with nuances of the horror-drama output of Yangyang Mobile. The story in this one visual novel is inspired by the classic Asian horror film. Predictably, The Letter offers an intriguing mystery story wrapped in captivating visual art.

There are seven characters that you can play with choices that have a big influence on determining the ending later. There will be costs that you have to spend to be able to explore the story of the row of characters. Not just horror, there are elements of friendship, romance, and tragedy that await when you play The Letter.

The plot in The Letter is arranged nicely with a mature design and voice acting that is quite convincing. In addition to spoiling the eyes, your ears will also be entertained by the soundtrack that makes the heart cool.

4. Locked Heart (2016)

Visual novel produced by Visual-Wordplay is a game with thick automatic feel. As per the title, Locked Heart is more targeting women to play this game. You will control a character named Aura who is trapped in a big house filled with mysterious toys.

The main mission that you must live is to explore the house, interact with objects in it to find clues to escape. Along the way, there are puzzles that you have to solve to get points. After that, there are special items that you can open with these points.

One more interesting thing from Locked Heart is the feel of tense horror. You are not alone. There is another figure that overshadows every movement Aura. With mature stories, cool designs, and challenging puzzles, Locked Heart is a visual novel themed Android game that KINCIR recommends for you to try.

5. Gacha Memories (2018)

Gacha Memories is the third series of Gacha-Verse after Gacha World and Gacha Resort. You will play a character nicknamed Gacha Summoner who now lives normally on Earth as an ordinary student. However, the peace is disturbed after various mysterious phenomena appear in the city where you live.

In addition to thick drama, romance, and elements of friendship, this Lunime Android game also presents an inspiring series of music. Carrying an anime-style visual design, Gacha Memories has a character that very spoils the eyes. Your adventure will be more exciting with various choices that make you waver. In total, there are six character routes in the menu at Gacha Memories.